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The Art of Inclusion. A podcast series by Diversity Council Australia

After eight months, and lots of work getting many famous voices on the record, DCA is proud to present you with a brand new resource: our podcast, The Art of Inclusion.

The six-part series addresses the hot topics facing Australia today, and features the big names associated with them.

Stories from journalist Tracey Spicer, MP Linda Burney, and Former Paralympian Annabelle Williams all feature. Race relations expert Tim Soutphommasane and Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins provide expert comment, as do other leading thinkers in Australia.

The series deals with everything from gender equality to mental health and disability at work, through to inclusion of LGBTIQ+, Indigenous and culturally diverse communities.

The first episode flips the script on ‘African gangs’ and race, and asks: how can we all do cultural diversity better?

Here’s one of many suggestions from Tim Soutphommasane:

“The first thing that I would suggest to people who are serious about this issue is moving beyond colour blindness or difference blindness. This is the response that a lot of people have to ethnic and racial difference.

"Colour blindness is a luxury that some might have, but others do not.”

Access more best practice and fire up debate with these easy steps:

  • Share the podcast episode with everyone (and we mean everyone) in your organisation by sending them to The Art of Inclusion homepage, and having them subscribe on their favourite player. If you’re new to podcasting, here are some instructions.
  • Pull out key points to discuss around the watercooler.
  • Share your tips and take-outs with the wider DCA community, using the hashtags #FairGone, #ArtofInclusion.

Listen to Episode One.

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