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The second instalment of The Art of Inclusion has dropped.

It’s warm, inspiring, and fascinating. It features Aram Hosie, a transgender rights advocate and executive who identifies as a binary-presenting trans man.

Aram is generous with his story, fielding all the common questions.

What does transitioning gender at work involve? How do you approach it? What happens with bathrooms … and, wait, with pronouns?

He addresses all of this and, critically, how allies like you can support the process.

Here’s Aram, reflecting on his experience:

“Certainly, when I was first transitioning, every time someone would use the correct pronoun it was really affirming and exciting. Someone would call me, "Sir," and I had to control myself, not beaming and being super happy about that,” he said.  

“I can also remember the times that I accessed the men's bathroom and it's a little bit like you're a spy, you know? Like, what’s the etiquette?  How do I navigate kind of the space, while feeling like I’m going to get sprung?”

With DCA’s Out at Work: From Prejudice to Pride report showing that trans or gender diverse employees are less likely to be out in the workplace, it’s time everyone heard a success story – and learned from it.

Find out more by listening to the full episode, sharing The Art of Inclusion round your office, and getting social with the hashtags #OutInTheOpen, #ArtofInclusion.

Thanks, enjoy, and see you next episode! We’ll be talking to Tracey Spicer and Kate Jenkins about gender equality in a post #metoo world.  

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