Strong 'Yes’ vote in support of marriage equality

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Diversity Council Australia is thrilled that Australians have returned a strong ‘Yes’ vote, with 61.6% in support of marriage equality (versus 38.4% who voted ‘No’).

CEO, Lisa Annese, said DCA has campaigned for marriage equality for a number of years.

“For us, it’s an issue of fairness and equality and something that will truly cement inclusion for our LGBTIQ+ colleagues, family and friends. I’m delighted that the majority of Australians in every state and territory agree.

“I would like to commend all our member organisations on the respectful way they have conducted themselves throughout this debate. It has not been an easy time, particularly for LGBTIQ+ people and their families.

“Congratulations too, to all the people who have campaigned so positively for equality. All those who made phone calls, knocked on doors, spoke to their neighbours, baked for friends and families, put up posters and wrote letters – together we have been part of history. 

Further information on response and participation within each state and territory can be found at

“We now call on the Australian Government to do its job and legislate to make marriage equality a reality for all Australians, as they promised, before the end of this year.

“And we look forward to celebrating with our LGBTIQ+ colleagues, friends and family!” added Lisa.

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