Diversity Matters, February 2014

Research Matters

Welcome to Research Matters for February 2014. In this bumper issue, we explore the latest Australian research on diversity including DCA’s study on the cultural origins of ASX 200 leaders; the rise of female breadwinners; how part-time hours and childcare help people work and how managed targets really do increase women on boards. 

We look at the male perspective on gender diversity and the role male leaders can play in creating change. And we explore some worrying trends in Indigenous employment and racial bias in the community, as well as a recent study on teleworking in Australia and New Zealand.

On the international front, we look at new research that proves diversity leads to innovation and market growth. We learn about Harvard Business School’s bold experiment to create gender parity in the classroom, and we feature the latest U.S. leading practice diversity benchmarks.

On the flexible work front, we explore how flexible work options can fuel female ambition; how bosses favour men over women when it comes to requests for flexitime; and the potential benefits to the U.K. economy if more people worked flexibly.

We investigate the effects of a culture of overwork, how people with disabilities are a valuable talent pool and how concealing your identity at work really does come at a cost.

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