Research Matters, September 2013

Research Matters

Welcome to Research Matters for September 2013.

In this issue, we start by taking a look at research by Korn/Ferry, Futurestep and DCA on the diversity and inclusion function amongst Australian and New Zealand companies.

We also profile other DCA research in the areas of harnessing the talents of older women, and closing the work gap for Indigenous Australians.

In more Australian research, we examine how well listed companies are reporting on diversity, as well as looking at research on recognising and valuing those who care, the obsession with the ‘ideal worker’, the productivity benefits of female flexible workers, name bias in sourcing candidates and stereotypes of older Australians.

On the international front, we explore new research on what ‘executive presence’ in leadership looks like, the changing face of breadwinners in the UK and how women can escape the pay negotiation dilemma.

We also investigate ‘flexibility stigma’, how predictable time off increases productivity and how to get working from home right.

Our final story looks at ‘Global Cosmopolitans’ in the workforce and how their characteristics are essential to meet the management challenges faced by today’s global leaders.

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