Research Matters, September 2014

Research Matters

Welcome to Research Matters for September 2014.

In this issue, DCA puts the spotlight on the latest Australian research on diversity including its pivotal study into ‘the bamboo ceiling’ and why so few Asian leaders are reaching the top. 

We explore studies on increasing ROI through mental health initiatives; the Indigenous talent pipeline; age diversity; pregnancy discrimination; and diversity in the boardroom. We also look at work led by RMIT into the changes by major mining multinational corporations to promote gender equity in a traditionally male dominated industry.

On the international front, we look at a study conducted across six countries into the ways that inclusive leadership has helped employees to be more innovative and collaborative in their work.

And we explore research on the dangers of overworking; why women don’t request pay rises; ’downsizing’ for diversity; tokenism and quotas on boards; and how beliefs that management equates to straight men persist today.

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