Knowledge programs

DCA offers a range of diversity and inclusion knowledge programs focused on key diversity areas that can be delivered in-house. 

Inclusive Leadership

What is Inclusive Leadership and Why does it Matter?

Understand the true benefits of inclusive leadership and gain the know how to fully grasp the opportunities it presents. This knowledge program is designed to enable management to leverage the attributes and talents that diversity brings to an organisation.


Language is a powerful tool for building inclusion or exclusion at work – it allows people to feel valued, respected and one of the team (included) or under-valued, disrespected and an “outsider” (excluded).

Introduction to Diversity

Diversity 101 - Engaging Your Workforce, Activating Your Organisation

Designed to support you and your team to understand workplace diversity and to develop a tailored diversity strategy.

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias Unplugged - Knowledge Program

Designed to debunk the myths around unconscious bias and to help you better understand what can be done in a workplace to ensure that biases (conscious or unconscious) are neutralised. 

Flexible Work

Mainstreaming Flexible Work - The New Frontier

Learn how to integrate flexible working into standard business practice and to finally mainstream flexibility in your workplace. 

Getting Care Aware - Mainstreaming Flexibility for Carers

This knowledge program examines the issues facing employed carers in Australia, and assists participants in developing an understanding of the role of flexible work in sustaining a workplace culture that supports carers.

Cultural diversity

Capitalising on Culture - Building Cultural Capability

This unique program provides practical guidance for increasing organisational cultural capability based on DCA’s original research.


Beyond the Usual Suspects - What Delivers Gender Diverse Leadership

By exploring what works and doesn’t when it comes to creating (gender) diverse leadership, your organisation can tackle leadership stereotypes and better target their women in leadership initiatives.

Mothers and Others - Unpacking the Gender Pay Gap

Develop an understanding of pay equity, how it relates to parents and the role of the ‘motherhood penalty’ as well as common myths and misconceptions. Learn about how you can close the pay gap in your organisation.

LGBTI Inclusion

Working Out - Building LGBTI Inclusive Workplaces

Develop a broad understanding of the various dimensions of LGBTI diversity and explore many of the common questions about LGBTI individuals in a safe and open environment.

DCA also offers strategic advice and consulting to meet individual organisational needs. 

All of DCA's knowlege programs are delivered by expert diversity and inclusion trainers and can also be tailored to the needs of your organisation. Please contact us on for further information.

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