Mental Health in the Workplace - Productivity Commission Inquiry

Topics Mental Health

The Productivity Commission is undertaking an inquiry into the role of improving mental health to support economic participation and enhancing productivity and economic growth. 

Employers play key roles in the mental health of Australians. Many DCA members are developing initiatives to support and maintain positive mental health outcomes for their employees as well as helping employees with mental health issues continue to participate in, or return to, work.

Our Survey

This survey is intended for employers, managers, diversity and inclusion practitioners and human resources staff and should take a maximum of 10 minutes to complete.

The survey builds on DCA’s previous work in this area, as well as focussing on specific questions identified by the Productivity Commission. Part 4 of the survey asks questions from the Productivity Commission’s issues paper. All questions are optional. A copy of the questions is available from  

Survey Aims

This survey will contribute to our submission in two ways:

  1. Update the work that DCA did in 2014 to understand what actions Australian organisations are already undertaking to address mental health in the workplace.
  2. Provide DCA Members with an opportunity to respond to specific questions from the Productivity Commission’s consultation relating to mentally healthy workplaces. 




Our Confidentiality Commitment

The survey is anonymous, we are asking only for Industry details to ensure we can present a representative sample of Australian businesses.  DCA is committed to providing a secure and confidential survey process, which allows you to express your views honestly and openly without being identified to DCA, your organisation or anyone in the public domain. Respondent confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed.

The ultimate success of this survey and its outcomes are directly proportionate with the ability of the respondent to provide accurate and uncensored responses without fear of negative repercussions to the individual or the organisation. As such, all respondents will remain anonymous and all data treated in confidence. Only aggregated data will be reported, and responses from completed questionnaires will not be linked to any particular respondent.