Submission to Productivity Commission Superannuation Competitiveness and Efficiency

Topics Gender

DCA is pleased to have made a submission on the Productivity Commission's Superannuation Competitiveness and Efficiency draft report. The key points of our submission are:

  • The superannuation gender gap is a key issue for DCA and our stakeholders
  • We have previously highlighted that there are inequities in our current superannuation system which leave women much less well-off in retirement than men.
  • In conjunction with KPMG and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, DCA will shortly be releasing new research into the economic implications of the pay gap in Australia and how this has changed over recent years.
  • DCA notes that the focus of this report is not about the gender gap in superannuation, however, we believe that the inquiry provides an opportunity for improving the outcomes for all members. To this end, DCA strongly supports those assessment criteria that will help to address some of the systemic issues that have a negative impact on women’s retirement savings.

Download the submission here.