Useful Resources - Cultural and Multi-Faith Diversity & Inclusion

A calendar of cultural and religious dates

Visit the Australian Government’s Calendar of cultural and religious dates to assist in the development of diversity programs and to increase awareness of the special days and events observed by members of our culturally diverse community. This may help managers and supervisors anticipate special needs of staff and encourage understanding amongst colleagues and peers.

Visit this calendar of the international days currently observed by the United Nations. 

Improving Asia Capability 

There are a range of ways to improve your Asia Capability, including to: 

  • Learn more about Asia Capability and access DCA’s research on Asia Capability
  • Participate in Asia Capability training, general intercultural awareness training and/or Asian language training
  • Seek out immersion experiences such as working overseas in Asian offices and/or travelling or studying in Asia 
  • Extend your professional and personal networks to include a people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, including Asian cultural backgrounds
  • Access country-specific information on Asian markets and cultural/political environments, for example, Asialink Country Resources.
  • Learn more about your cultural background and cultural identity

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