Business case - culture & religion

Australian businesses are very aware of the importance of a culturally diverse workforce and providing workplaces which are free from cultural bias, discrimination and vilification.

The enormous diversity in cultural, ethnic, religious and language background of the Australian labour force offers significant untapped potential which can provide business with vital:

  • Language skills;
  • Cultural knowledge and understanding;
  • Business networks and knowledge of business practices and protocols in overseas markets; and
  • Low cost intelligence about overseas markets, including intimate knowledge of consumer tastes and preferences.

The case with respect to Australian businesses’ global – and local – markets is particularly strong. Organisations that effectively capitalise on the skills and talents of their culturally diverse workforces can:

  • Better understand and service an increasingly diverse client base;
  • Open up business networks and identify and enter new local, regional and international markets; and
  • Develop improved domestic niche marketing - 9.9 million Australian consumers are either born overseas or have at least one parent born overseas. Businesses that want to reach their ‘whole’ market cannot afford to ignore this critical mass of consumers.


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