Sponsorships & partnerships with us

A sponsorship or partnership with DCA is a great way for members to publicly demonstrate their organisational commitment to diversity to their employees, stakeholders, customers and clients. We have a range of sponsorships involving research, major events and other activities that can play a strategic part of your broader diversity plan and provide your organisation with significant profile and branding opportunities to position you as an employer of choice. You can view some of DCA's valued partners and sponsors in the Partners & friends page of the website.

Why partner with DCA?

Increase your profile and credibility via association

  • We have more than 400 members, some of whom are Australia’s biggest employers
  • Our members employ more than one million Australians or around 10% of the Australian workforce
  • We have a substantial and growing public profile and media influence including:
    • A significant profile in traditional media
    • Over 5,000 followers on Twitter (incl DCA’s CEO), 500+ members on LinkedIn and a growing presence on Facebook
    • An average of 8,896 sessions by users per month on DCA’s website.

Gain exposure amongst business leaders

  • 5,000 HR directors and managers, diversity practitioners and business leaders are registered to receive our member eCommunications
  • Around 7,000 members, potential members, media and other key contacts at leading organisations are on our total eCommunications distribution list.

Position yourself as an employer of choice

  • Through significant profile and branding opportunities, you can position your organisation as an employer of choice.

Sponsorship opportunities

DCA has the following opportunities available:

For more information about sponsoring or partnering with DCA, contact DCA's CEO, Lisa Annese on (02) 9322 5197 or email her at lisa@dca.org.au.