Knowledge Programs

DCA’s popular Knowledge Programs are aimed at increasing the knowledge, skills, and awareness of employees around a range of diversity and inclusion topics. These programs are suitable for all employees at any organisational level, regardless of prior subject knowledge.

We currently offer these programs, delivered by experienced DCA facilitators, face-to-face or online. Please note, our workshops are available to be booked by organisations for their groups and teams and are not available for individual attendees

  • Racism at Work – Advancing anti-racism in your workplace
  • Diversity & Inclusion 101 – Understanding workplace diversity and inclusion
  • Inclusion 101 – Understanding workplace diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias
  • Unconscious Bias – Understanding unconscious bias and how to counter it
  • #WordsAtWork – Building inclusion through the power of language

Racism at Work

Advancing anti-racism in your workplace

This knowledge program is a three-module evidence-based program designed to build your understanding of anti-racism and foster racially safe and inclusive workplaces.

The first module focuses on awareness raising of the fundamental concepts of race, race talk and race history in Australia, and developing your skills to grow your capacity to engage in race talk in the context of work. The second module will build upon your existing “racial literacy”, which refers to our ability to understand what racism is and how it operates in society so we can effectively address it. The final module explores anti-racism, becoming anti-racist and practising anti-racism in the workplace through the intentional process of building racial literacy. 

Diversity & Inclusion 101

Understanding workplace diversity and inclusion

This program is designed to help you and your team understand the fundamentals of workplace diversity and inclusion and the acknowledged business, individual and team benefits.
This program introduces the concept of workplace diversity and inclusion, and why it matters, then takes participants through the different dimensions of a person’s identity that might have an impact on their experience at work.

The session also briefly introduces the concept of unconscious bias.

Inclusion 101

Understanding workplace diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias

Designed as an introduction to the what, why and how of workplace inclusion, this program combines the fundamentals of diversity & inclusion and unconscious bias into one 90-minute session.

This program introduces the concept of workplace diversity and inclusion, and why it matters, then takes participants through the different dimensions of a person’s identity that might have an impact on their experience at work.

The second half of the session introduces the concept of unconscious bias, and why we need to do more than just become aware of our own biases to create inclusive workplaces.

Unconscious Bias

Understanding unconscious bias and how to counter it

This program looks at the meaning of unconscious bias, and the importance of addressing it.

Designed to help participants understand what can be done in a workplace to ensure that biases (conscious or unconscious) which may contribute to a lack of diversity and inclusion are neutralised.

This program focuses on the importance of identifying bias in an exact and scientific way with a focus on individual development.


Building inclusion through the power of language

Language is a powerful tool that can enable a diversity of people (from different ages, cultures, genders etc.) to feel able to contribute, valued, respected and one of the team or under-valued, disrespected, and an ‘outsider’. 

This evidence-based knowledge program utilises DCA’s research findings to show how inclusive language can improve workplace culture and drive productivity. It equips participants with the skills, knowledge and resources to understand what inclusive language is, how to identify and respond to non-inclusive language, and contribute to a more inclusive workplace.

Frequently asked questions

Anyone from any organisation, DCA Members or non members, can book program/s for their groups and teams. DCA Member organisations receive generous discounts on program fees. Find out more about the benefits of membership here.

While we currently offer no individual registrations, DCA occasionally schedules a bespoke open program on a particular research topic.

To stay informed about future open programs, sign up to our eNews.

To encourage maximum learner participation, we recommend limiting numbers to groups of no more than 30 per program.

Up to 10 extra learners can attend, however, this incurs an additional participant surcharge of $500.00 inc. GST
per program.

Organisations booking 5 or more programs upfront will receive a 10% discount.

DCA’s programs are grounded in our evidence-based research, and are suitable for all employees, regardless of organisation level, role, workplace or industry.

All programs incorporate group discussion, and 90-minute programs include video, de-briefs, and self-reflection activities.

Strong demand for our existing programs means we are unable to provide customised training.

For bespoke topics and larger groups, DCA speakers can be booked to appear at member and public events, providing key insights and expert opinions on all key diversity areas.

Experienced facilitators deliver DCA’s programs. Upon booking, we schedule a 30-minute pre-briefing meet
and greet with the facilitator for you to clarify program details. You can read about our program facilitators here.

1. When an expression of interest has been submitted and the program name, pax and format have been
confirmed, your organization will be issued with a program proposal, valid for 30 days.
2. Once the signed proposal is returned to us, the discussion surrounding date availability and scheduling will
3. When an agreed date/s has been offered, to secure it, your organisation will be provided with a booking
form to be signed and returned within 2 business days. Only when we have received the returned, signed
booking form, is the program booked in.

Please note that due to high demand, and to maintain fairness and accuracy of facilitator availability, we require a 30-day window between the return of the signed booking form and the scheduled date of the program/s. This will be addressed and considered when dates are offered to your organisation during the availability/scheduling stage.

Sometimes fees are incurred in addition to the standard program cost.

These can include fees or surcharges for certain facilitators, additional participants, face-to-face travel expenses, rescheduling or cancellation, late fees, and some accessibility requirements.

DCA does not permit the recording of our Knowledge Programs. This is to protect both DCA’s intellectual
property as well as learner privacy and psychological safety.

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