Anna McPhee Memorial Oration on Diversity & Inclusion

The 2019 Oration, sponsored by Telstra, was delivered by The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG who presented the case for Australia to embrace a national Bill of Rights.
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The Art of Inclusion podcast

The Art of Inclusion is DCA's podcast which flips the script on who we include, who we don’t, and how we can do better. Season 2 coming soon.
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Knowledge Programs

DCA offers a range of in-house workshops focused on key diversity and inclusion topics that can be delivered in-house.
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Australia’s only diversity information service, giving our members access to over 30 years of diversity experience, research and practice across the full range of diversity areas.
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Annual Diversity Debate 2018

The DCA-NAB Diversity Debate, moderated by Tony Jones, has been a highlight on our calendar for many years. 2018 was no exception as teams determine if it really is a good idea to bring your whole self to work.
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