D&I Days & Dates

Each year, DCA publishes a calendar of important diversity and inclusion days of celebration, solidarity, commemoration and awareness. While the list of dates is not exhaustive, it can help you to plan initiatives in your workplace. Please note, our calendar does not include individual health promotion or cultural and religious holidays, and for these you can refer to the Australian Government’s 2024 Calendar of Cultural and Religious Dates and the World Health Organisation’s Global Health Days Calendar for guidance.

Member-only feature: DCA’s members have the added benefit of being able to automatically download these dates to their Outlook calendar. Access the downloadable calendar in the member-only section.

2024 D&I Calendar

Know a diversity day that we’ve missed?  

We recognise that this is not an exhaustive list of all significant dates and should be considered a guide only. If you would like us to add something to this list, email us at admin@dca.org.au. We will not be able to include all suggestions, and our focus is on days that support diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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