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In this section you will find information about key definitions and the state of play for LGBTIQ+ Australians, learn why your organisation should take action, and explore leading practices for creating workplaces that are inclusive for LGBTIQ+ employees.


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Latest Articles - LGBTIQ+

Non-binary flag on pink background

Why Respecting Pronouns Matters

The use of pronouns and respectful language is an area where workplaces can create a safe environment for all employees.

family pride people photo

Celebrating Family Pride!

International Family Equality Day, or celebrating Family Pride, is about diversity of families around the world and the importance of inclusion.


2023 World Pride

What does the landmark 2023 World Pride and Mardi Gras events in Sydney mean to Diversity Council Australia staff?

Case Study

Gender and sexual diversity inclusion

Case Study on Settlement Services International who are promoting gender and sexual diversity inclusion with employees and clients.