New DCA Chair: Ming Long AM

Diversity Council Australia’s (DCA’s) Board has appointed Ming Long AM as Chair, marking an exciting shift for the leaders of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in Australia.

Ming – the first woman with an Asian heritage to lead a top 200 ASX listed entity in Australia – will build on the solid foundations left by outgoing Chair, retired Lieutenant General, David Morrison AO.

David, along with CEO Lisa Annese, helped establish DCA as the voice for innovative, inclusive workplaces in Australia. Ming has served as Deputy Chair for the last four years and will now Chair DCA and ensure a seamless transition.

As a well-known and respected leader with experience in a broad range of industries, Ming has held senior executive and leadership positions, including CEO and CFO roles, in both listed and unlisted companies.

Critically, she has led a number of organisations through volatile environments – work that will stand her in good stead for the ever-evolving, change-making landscape of D&I.

Ming Long ready to take on the challenge

Reflecting on her appointment, Ming said, “I am delighted to be able to serve businesses and, ultimately, their employees as DCA chair. There is significant responsibility placed on leaders to understand diversity, how to be inclusive and how to harness all that capability into something cohesive.

“It’s challenging work. But as businesses, as leaders, and to ensure our country’s success, we must do it.

“We must see Australia’s rich diversity reflected in our employees and our leadership. And to get there we need to have the character traits that serve our employees and customers best: to be inclusive, agile, humble, empathic, selfless, and courageous.

Morrison a role model for inclusive leadership

“My deepest thanks go to David Morrison for his stewardship of the board and for role modelling the principles of inclusive leadership.”

David Morrison, outgoing Chair, said, “It has been a great honour to serve as DCA’s Chair. It is wonderful that I am succeeded in that position by Ming. She is a woman of great integrity, great strength and, most importantly, great talent and skill.”

CEO Lisa Annese added, “I’d like to send my sincerest thanks to David for his leadership and support of the organisation. And also say Ming has been a great asset to DCA and I’ve no doubt that with her leadership of the Board, we will continue to make great inroads towards DCA’s mission to encourage and enable Australian organisations to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces.”

To view Ming Long’s bio, visit DCA’s website.