Election 2022: D&I for the Major Parties

Each Federal Election, Diversity Council Australia writes to both major parties to ask them to respond to a series of questions, based on DCA’s research, about where they stand on key issues of diversity and inclusion affecting Australian workplaces.

Government has an important role to play in supporting diversity and inclusion in Australian workplaces.

Our survey asks them about how the policies they will take to this election will contribute to the development of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, across a range of diversity areas, including:

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people
  • Gender equality
  • People with disability
  • Carers
  • LGBTIQ+ employees
  • Older and younger workers
  • Culturally and racially diverse people
  • Social class,
  • Mental health
  • Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Legislation

To read the responses, download them in full below:


At the time of publishing, the Liberal Party had not responded to our survey. We will update this page should we receive a reply.