Research launch: The state of inclusion and mental health in the workforce


As a part of DCAs Inclusion@Work Index, we have been investigating the role of workplace inclusion in ensuring that work has a positive impact on workers mental health and workplace mental health safety.

Our aim is to understand Australian workers experiences of mental health at work, why mental health is such a critical issue for organisations, and how workplace inclusion and exclusion can affect mental health.

We invited members to join us for a presentation on our research to discover:

  • What workers told us about mental health at work
  • Inclusion, exclusion and the impact of work on mental health
  • Steps to make work a force for good mental health.

Our event emcee, DCAs Research Director, Dr Jane OLeary, spoke with DCA’s Research Manager, Dr Rose DAlmada-Remedios who outlined the findings.

Our panel of guest speakers unpacked the findings and give practical advice for how D&I or HR practitioners, leaders, and team members can create more mentally healthy workplaces:

  1. Zed Tintor, Deputy Chief Executive, LGBTIQ+ Health Australia,
  2. David Burroughs, Chief Mental Health Officer, Westpac Group,
  3. Jordan Mifsud, Project Leader, Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation, and
  4. Lisa Annese, CEO of DCA.

Event Reviews

  • Great variety of perspectives on the panel. Presenter was articulate and succinct in presenting her findings, which are useful – particularly links to resources
  • Thank you for the important work that you do, and the platform you provide for important conversations.
  • Thank you so much as always for your presentation today, David Burroughs in particular was fantastic today and Zed is always very good too.  “Recognise, Respond, Refer, Reconnect” – I will remember this quote along with “Popularity is not  a proxy for effectiveness”
  • Valuable conversations, confirmed what I suspected. Gives us some data with which to go back to our employer and flag issues. Especially the disparity in mental health depending upon grade. It goes to how hard it is for leaders to comprehend that staff at the other end of the organisation are struggling…and need job security, to feel visible and not be excluded from opportunities.’

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