A day in the life: living – and working – with domestic violence


Ahead of November 25, which marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, business consultant Lisa McAdams pens a powerful first-person account of what it’s like to live – and work – in the shadow of violence.

How the ‘yes’ vote will impact workers and HR


DCA's Cathy Brown joined forces with RMIT's Raymond Trau for this insightful look at what impact the conclusive YES outcome from the Marriage Law Postal Survey will have on workplace inclusion.

Will Australia recover from the marriage equality plebiscite?

Chris Lamb photo

Chris Lamb, Group Head of Talent & Organisational Development at Lendlease Australia and DCA director fears the wounds caused by the plebiscite on same sex marriage will take a long time to heal.

How universities can change the course

BLOG: Kate Jenkins Sex Discrimination Commissioner Australian Human Rights Commission

On 1 August 2017, the Australian Human Rights Commission released a landmark report on university students’ experiences of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins share some of the insights and recommendations in this guest blog for DCA.

Same-sex marriage: My family isn't a threat, but the postal vote is a threat to us


DCA's Policy & Research Manager Cathy Brown recently highlighted the harm a postal vote campaign can cause by sharing her own story.

Millennials, Avocados and Workplace Values

Karla Dunbar Acting Office Manager & Executive Assistant to the CEO/ Operations & Support Assistant  Diversity Council Australia

As we approach International Youth Day on August 12, DCA's youngest team member, Karla Dunbar, shares her thoughts on being a millennial in today's and tomorrow's workforce.

Beware the female Doctor Who dares to challenge the status quo.


BBC's announcement of a female Dr Who has ruffled feathers but as DCA CEO Lisa Annese explains, this is indicative of the discomfort that those who benefit from maintaining the status quo feel when women take on roles traditionally held by men.

A new approach is needed to engage men on gender equality

Lisa Annese's photo

It’s not enough for men to say they care about gender equality. They have to be committed to making personal change – not just in their professional lives but also in their private lives.

Transphobia and a life lived on the fringe


As Australians, we pride ourselves on giving everyone a fair go. But how inclusive as a society are we really? Not at all, if you're a transgender person like my friend Nadine.

Homophobia is harmful to workers and businesses


DCA's own Cathy Brown has teamed with RMIT's Raymond Trau to look at the consequences of workplace environments where employees choose to hide their sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status for fear being “out” could damage their careers.

The power of sponsorship

Diana Ryall Founder and Managing Director Xplore for Success

Unlike mentoring where you are simply asking for some time and an opportunity to share ideas, a sponsor needs to have the confidence in you and your skills to represent you when you are not there. Such a relationship takes time to build.

Why I marched

Lisa Annese DCA CEO - Why I March

Last weekend, I joined thousands of other women in Sydney to march in the Women’s March, Sydney. I did this not only to show solidarity with other citizens of the world but because I believe, when it comes to issues around gender equality, we still have a long way to go in Australia.

Robots aren't racist

Cathy Brown, Policy & Research Manager, DCA

While jobs across the economy are becoming redundant as automated systems and artificial intelligence take over, Cathy Brown, DCA's Policy & Research Manager notes that robots are not sexist, racist or homophobic, it’s the people who program them.

Australia’s Gender Equality Scorecard: progress is too slow

Libby Lyon WGEA Director

The third year of data collected and released by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency shows that across Australian workplaces, women continue to be under-valued and under-represented at senior levels. While there is progress, the pace of change is much too slow.

Relationships, respect and trust key to engagement with Indigenous employees

Lisa Annese DCA CEO - Reconciliation

Have you ever really considered the implications of ticking 'yes' to the question, “Are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander?” on an employment form? For some Indigenous Australians, the decision to share their heritage to employers and colleagues has been, and continues to be, a difficult one.

Why Punk Rock Hair Is Good For Business!

Aurecon Just imagine

Successful businesses are ‘innovative’ and ‘creative’. They ‘do things differently’, or claim to. Quite often, however, we expect ‘out-of-the-box thinking’, yet expunge any form of expression.

‘One Nation’ – but a nation for who?

Lisa Annese DCA CEO - One Nation?

Pauline Hanson will have a legitimate right to represent her party in the Senate after securing more than 9% of the vote in Queensland. But a right to representation should not be confused with a legitimacy to make inflammatory claims.

Focus on ‘guys’ misses the point(s) of the WordsAtWork campaign

Lisa Annese DCA CEO - Words

Our #WordsAtWork campaign is not telling people what they can and can’t say. We are simply asking people to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and look at what they say from another perspective.

We need to find the courage to talk openly at work about the impact of miscarriage

Lisa Annese DCA CEO Miscarriage

It happens to one in four pregnancies and is more likely to have an effect on a woman’s life than breast cancer and ovarian cancer. But miscarriage is rarely, if ever, discussed openly.

Born This Way: Turning Up Tolerance or Interrupting Inclusion?

Jo Tilly, Research and Policy Manager, DCA

My kids are big fans of Macklemore, and his album The Heist is on high rotation on our family road trips. We’re all up for putting our hands in the air and car dancing.