The Art of Inclusion* is DCA's own podcast where we peer into the lives of fascinating people, whose stories shed light on the wider social issues facing Australia, and the world.

We flip the script on who we include, who we don’t, and how we can do better in everything from gender, race, mental health and disability, through to the inclusion of LGBTQI+ and Indigenous communities. 

Over six episodes, we will hear the stories of politicians, journalists, athletes and executives.

Experts and policy makers share their incredible stories with advice on how to master The Art of Inclusion.

* THE ART OF INCLUSION is a Registered Trade Mark of Diversity Council Australia Limited.

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Willing and able: a new narrative for disability


Annabelle Williams OAM, Legal Counsel of the Australian Olympic Committee, and herself a former Paralympic swimmer, shows us there can be a new narrative for disability.

Connecting country: busting myths about Indigenous Australians


Linda Burney – the first Aboriginal woman to serve in the House of Representatives, and the first Aboriginal person to serve in the NSW Parliament goes on the record.

#YouToo? Sexual harassment and gender inequality after #MeToo


Journalist Tracey Spicer and Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins discuss: how can we finally end the scourge of sexual harassment – and rebuild the structures that have supported it?

Talking heads: two CEOs on leading and managing mental health


Two CEOs get real about being human and not just high performing machines.

Out in the open: a transgender executive on the business of transitioning


Aram Hosie has navigated life – and the workplace – as a man and a woman. He shares his unique perspective - and busts a few myths along the way.

Fair Gone: flipping the script on African gangs, race and multiculturalism


Nyadol Nyuon, a South Sudanese-born lawyer and activist, is familiar with the media’s ‘African gangs’ narrative. But her only brush with the law has been gaining a legal degree! In this episode, she shares her incredible story.

The Art of Inclusion: Podcast Preview


Listen to a snapshot of the upcoming podcast series.