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Future-Flex - Mainstreaming Flexibility By Design

Future-Flex is a new DCA initiative comprising evidence-based practical guidelines for HR and diversity practitioners and managers and team leaders, on how to implement and mainstream flexible work through job and work (re)design.

Get Flexible!

DCA have released a landmark research report titled Get Flexible: Mainstreaming Flexible Work in Australian Business.

Men Get Flexible!

Although not new, men and flexibility is currently a ‘hot’ topic driven by the increasing number of dual-earner families, intensified fathering expectations and growing recognition that flexible work can generate positive outcomes for men, women, families and organisations.

Working for the Future: A National Survey of Employees

DCA's national, representative survey of Australian employees measuring employment conditions, diversity demographics, employee engagement and well-being, productivity, business effectiveness and workforce planning capacity.

Case Studies

QinetiQ boosts paid parental leave conditions

QinetiQ boosts paid parental leave conditions and scraps qualifying period for primary care-givers.


Father’s Day: How workplaces can better support men to be engaged fathers

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In the lead up to Father’s Day on 3 September, DCA interviewed four senior executive men from DCA member organisations about what matters to them when it comes to gender equality, being a dad and what workplaces can do to support men to be more engaged fathers.

Four keys to flexible workplaces

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On Flexible Working Day 2017 DCA wanted to take the opportunity to revisit our Future-Flex programs and highlight the four elements of a Future-Flex mindset. Truly flexible workplaces where individuals and organisations can flourish take planning and structure as well as a team approach.

Designs on flexible work? Team up to maximise the benefits!

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Managers and employees in Australian organisations are struggling to implement flexibility in ways that actually improve performance and wellbeing, with a critical stumbling block being a failure to redesign work with the team, according to DCA.


Submission regarding the Fairer Paid Parental Leave Bill 2016


DCA opposes proposed changes to the Government-funded Paid Parental Leave scheme and has outlined this in a submission to the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee currently reviewing the Fairer Paid Parental Leave Bill 2016.

More than ever, Australians must work together to create an inclusive society

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From advertising to workplaces, in 2017, let’s endeavour to recognise the enormous opportunity that diversity offers all of us.

Top tips for a flexible workplace

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No successful sporting coach has ever suggested that only one or two members of a team need to be flexible.

Adopting a flexible approach to work will assist in attracting and retaining talent in a diverse workforce.

In this section, you will find the following resources to help you successfuly implement flexible working and other work-life initiatives.

Webcasts from past events

22 Feb 2017

Following on from the 2016 release of DCA’s Future-Flex for the retail sector, we are delighted to launch Phase 2, providing new guidance on how to redesign a team’s work to enable flexibility – now applicable to all sectors.

Hosted by RMIT University
07 Dec 2016

There is no doubt that technology has changed the way we work and provides challenges for work-life balance. At this meeting of DCA’s Diversity in Technology Network we will consider a number of issues about how technology has or has not facilitated greater work-life balance.