Diversity Leadership Program - Using technology to enhance diversity and inclusion

Hosted by Twitter Australia
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06 Jun 2019


At this Diversity Leadership Program event hosted by Twitter in Sydney, we discussed how inclusion should be a key factor in the development and use of technologies.

Technology plays a crucial role in how organisations deliver their services and how they communicate with their audiences, whether that be employees or customers. Yet ensuring it is inclusive isn't always considered. More can be done to address this situation as our two great speakers explained.

Julie Inman Grant, eSafety Commissioner, talked about her role in promoting online inclusion and safety for all Australians.

Dr Manisha Amin, CEO, The Centre for Inclusive Design, explained the role technology can play in access and inclusion.

DCA’s Members & Advisory Director Mariam Veiszadeh then moderated a panel discussion exploring leading practice in this area and how organisations can ensure their technology and communications platforms to enhance diversity and inclusion. Guest speakers included:

  1. Kara Hinesley, Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs, Australia and New Zealand at Twitter
  2. David Masters, Corporate Affairs Director and Disability and Accessibility lead, Microsoft
  3. Herin Hentry, Web Accessibility Specialist, Secretary's Department, Reserve Bank of Australia
  4. Dr Manisha Amin, CEO, The Centre for Inclusive Design


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