Gender Equality Network - Workplace approaches to preventing domestic violence

20 Jun 2019


At this Gender Equality Network, we looked at how workplaces can respond to and help prevent domestic violence.

One in four women have experienced violence at the hands of a current or former partner, and most women who experience violence are in the paid workforce. Workplaces, not just individuals, have the opportunity to take an active role in addressing the drivers of violence against women and supporting women who are affected.

At DCA’s Gender Equality Network, we heard from Patty Kinnersly, Chief Executive Officer, Our Watch, about her organisation’s work to drive nationwide change in the culture, behaviours and power imbalances that lead to violence against women and their children.

Patty talked about how increasing gender equality in all elements of everyday life, but especially workplaces where many adults spend a large portion of their time, can help reduce domestic violence. She outlined:

  • What role workplaces can play
  • How to promote gender equality and respect, and reject sexist and discriminatory cultures
  • How to support staff who experience violence
  • What we can all do as individuals to help reduce domestic violence.

DCA’s CEO, Lisa Annese, moderated a panel conversation with Patty alongside experts in the field and employers who are taking action including:

  • Ryan Burke, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Commonwealth Bank
  • Fiona Ellis, Director of Student Wellbeing and Inclusion, and lead of RMIT’s Change the Course initiatives, and
  • Lisa McAdams, Founder and Director of Safe Space Workplace.

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