Open Program: Gari Yala Deep Dive

20 Jul 2021

On-line Zoom

Gari Yala, which means ‘speak the truth’ in the Wiradjuri language, is based on a survey 1,033 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander workers across Australia. The report reveals that Indigenous employees continue to experience significant workplace racism and exclusion and that racism is impacting wellbeing and job satisfaction and this session aims to provide a deep dive into the research findings.

Last year the Jumbunna Institute of Indigenous Education and Research and Diversity Council Australia launched a new report titled ‘Gari Yala’ which means ‘speak the truth’ in Wiradjuri language.

Gari Yala aimed to speak the truth to Australian employers about the experience of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander staff.

The research was based on a survey of over one thousand Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander workers across Australia and reveals some shocking realities about experiences of racism, the lack of cultural safety and identity strain experienced by Indigenous people across Australian workplaces.

DCA's new Open Program on Gari Yala, facilitated by Nareen Young, Industry Professor at the Jumbunna Institute and DCA Communications and Advocacy Director, Cathy Brown, provides a special deep-dive into the research findings to look at how to improve workplace inclusion for Indigenous staff.

Learning and insights from this session include:

  1. Insights into the state-of-play for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people at work
  2. How culturally safe are Australian workplaces and what is the state of racism in the workplace?
  3. Unpack the 10 truths which Australian organisations can use create culturally safe and inclusive workplaces for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.

For more information, check out the powerful video to hear some of the anonymous survey responses read aloud or explore the findings on our website.


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‘Speaking truth' is by Yuwalaraay/Muruwari woman Kirsten Gray.  For more information please see DCA report Gari Yala: Speak the Truth