17 Nov 2020

‘Indigenous employment’ is a growing, vital area of focus within the employment and diversity, inclusion, and human resources landscapes but there are two glaring omissions – there is a notable lack of research that asks Indigenous people what they want and need from workplaces in order to flourish, and what is available has been primarily informed by non-Indigenous voices.

24 Nov 2020

Family and domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. It exists across Australia, and happens across all diverse communities, socio-economic groups and cultural backgrounds.

08 Dec 2020

DCA's WebEx investigates what it means to be a man today, and look at which workplaces are actively modelling respect.

Date and time are subject to change and will be confirmed closer to the event.  

10 Feb 2021

Flexible working has arguably been mainstreamed during COVID-19 but what has the pandemic taught us about what works and what doesn't? Has working from home on mass resulted in improved performance and wellbeing? Discover how organisations are honing their approaches to flexible working.

18 Feb 2021

The Australian Human Rights Commission's inquiry on sexual harassment found there is a need to move from the current reactive, complaints-based approach, to one which requires positive actions from employers with a focus on prevention. Learn how organisations can do this by adopting a workplace health and safety approach and driving change in the structure and cultural practices of organisations.

04 Mar 2021

From the Heart is a campaign to engage Australians about why an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament enabled by the Constitution is a fair and practical change, and how it will unify our nation. Hear the latest on the campaign and how you can be an ally.

23 Mar 2021

We know that organisations need to cultivate an inclusive workplace in order to experience the benefits of diversity. But just how important is inclusive leadership? We investigate the mindsets of an inclusive leader and how organisations and leaders can build their capabilities.

07 Apr 2021

COVID-19 underlined the benefits of flexible working and brought hope to many people with disability that workplaces could be more accessible for them. We hear how organisations are drawing on the experiences of the pandemic to build more accessible and inclusive workplaces.

27 Apr 2021

What makes a mentally healthy workplace in 2021? Our new Mental Health Network explores what it takes for workplaces to be mentally healthy and what leading practice organisations are doing in this area.

06 May 2021

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre Gender Equity Insights report found a strong and convincing causal relationship between increasing the share of women in leadership and subsequent improvements in company performance. At this event, we will learn more about the findings drawn from WGEA reporting data over time. In addition, we will explore how WGEA collects this data on gender equality and its new system making reporting simpler and faster for employers.

18 May 2021

Conducted in partnership with the University of Sydney Business School, DCA will release an evidence-based measuring tool and nationally standardised approach for defining, measuring, and reporting on cultural diversity in the
workforce in a meaningful way.

01 Jun 2021

DCA and Our Watch will launch a practical guide to debunk common misconceptions and assumptions about D&I and domestic and family violence.

24 Jun 2021

The Australian Reconciliation Barometer is a national research study conducted every two years to measure and compare attitudes and perceptions towards reconciliation. At this network, we will hear about the latest indicators for reconciliation and relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians.

14 Jul 2021

Research has found a clear link between a person's experience of racism and mental ill health. We will hear from experts and community leaders about the impacts and how organisations can be mindful of cultural diversity in their mental health programs for their employees.

29 Jul 2021

In 2021 DCA's Anna McPhee Memorial Oration will explore why class is something that we can no longer afford to ignore when implementing best practise D&I strategies in the workplace.

09 Aug 2021

Our Gari Yala 'speak the truth' report released last year drew on the insights and experiences of more than 1000 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait workers. A key learning from the report was the importance of unearthing and acting on workplace truths – however uncomfortable they may be. At this event, we will uncover historical truths that underpin exclusion of Indigeous people and move forward and how to shape a better future.

24 Aug 2021

As we approach Equal Pay Day, we will explore the latest on the gender pay gap and how leading practice organisations are making progress in closing the gap.

15 Sep 2021

Topic and event details of this DCA event are s subject to change and will be advised closer to the date. Please revisit this event page for updates.

05 Oct 2021

COVID-19 has had a severe effect on workplace opportunities for many but for younger and older people in particular. At this event, we will investigate the impacts and consider how workplaces can ensure they attract and retain talent across all ages.

14 Oct 2021

Statistics show that women experience some mental health conditions at higher rates than men, such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, PTSD and self-harm. In contrast, men are more likely to suicide. At our next Mental Health Network, we take a look at the evidence and how workplaces can adopt gender lens in their approaches to mental health.

26 Oct 2021

At this event, we will discover how organisations can use social media to support diversity and inclusion.

04 Nov 2021

DCA research has found that mutliple diversity dimensions can work together to compound disadvantage. We explore the experience of culturally diverse women when it comes to exclusion at work

25 Nov 2021

The 10th anniversary of the Annual Diversity Debate will be a very special night. Moderated by ABC's Tony Jones, our Annual Diversity Debate will investigate the pro's and cons of a hot diversity and inclusion topic.

09 Dec 2021

What are the experiences of Australian workers when it comes to inclusion? DCA will launch the third Inclusion at Work Index which maps and tracks inclusion in Australian workplaces.