DCA's eLearning Flex 101 Video Learning Series

With the unexpected impacts of COVID-19 driving a swift, Australia-wide pivot to remote working, organisations are beginning to consider how the future of work will look post-pandemic. Surviving lessons learnt from the crisis, and thriving to meet new and unexpected challenges to come requires the capability to respond flexibly.

As Australia's flexible working experts, DCA has developed this resource to enable organisations to mainstream flexibility and understand leading practice on healthy and safe remote-working environments for organisations and employees.

Presented by CEO Lisa Annese and combining our renowned evidence-based research with practical insights, the program is delivered via a series of engaging, bite-sized videos. 

Designed to be accessed by learners at their own pace, and at a time to suit, Flex 101 provides a road map for integrating flexible working into standard business practice and mainstreaming flexibility through the transition to the ‘new normal’ work environment.

With member discounts available and affordable pricing for non-members, Flex 101 can be purchased individually, and as a package for larger teams – making it a cost-effective and convenient way to embed the fundamentals of flexible working across your organisation.

Who should participate:

This program is designed for managers and employees who want to get started on making flexibility work in their team and maintain it through this uncertain transition time and as the future of our workplaces evolves.

Learning objectives and outcomes:

On completion of the next five modules you will:

  • Understand what flexible work is
  • Know what you need to do to get started on flexibility in your team
  • Know what you need to do to make flexibility work in your team
  • Learn about DCA’s evidence-based Future-Flex approach to flexibility
  • Know how to access the DCA tools available.

To book now or find out more information: 

To find out more about eLearning, download more information or contact workshops@dca.org.au