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On Monday, the [email protected] Bill was passed in the Australian Parliament.

These new laws implement the final legislative recommendations of Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins’ landmark [email protected] Report.

Under the new law, employers will have a "positive duty" to take measures to eliminate sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and victimisation in the workplace.

Our recent submission in support of these changes outlines the key measures which we believe are critical to the success of this legislation. 

These laws will go a long way to creating safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces that are free of sexual harassment.

Lisa Annese, DCA CEO has been appointed to the [email protected] Council, advising on the implementation of key recommendations from the [email protected] Report.

Lisa is looking forward to participating in the Council to help deliver safer, fairer and more inclusive workplaces.

Quotes attributable to Lisa Annese, CEO, Diversity Council Australia:

“The passing of the Respect at Work Bill in parliament is a significant and important step in addressing sexual harassment at work.

“We believe that positive duties will focus employers on actions that will lead to more respectful and inclusive workplace cultures. This is good for diversity and inclusion – and for employers and employees.”   


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