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Join From the Heart  25 September 2020

Australia is the only country in the world yet to formally recognise its Indigenous people in the form of a treaty or constitutional recognition, unlike our key allies such as Canada and Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Time for real action on racism   9 September 2020

An expression often heard within self-help circles is “the best project you will ever work on is you”. According to expert panellists at one of our most popular recent webinars, working on yourself is one of the answers to how Australian organisations can move beyond tokenism to real action on racism.

Wear it purple: We are the change   26 August 2020

The theme for this year’s Wear It Purple Day, to be held on 28th August is: ‘We are the Change’.  Beginning in 2010 as a youth response to global stories of bullying, harassment and suicides of rainbow young people, Wear It Purple Day has since transformed into an international movement celebrating rainbow young people and a mainstay in the D&I calendars of leading practice employers.

Neurodiversity, different not lesser than   21 August 2020

At the heart of the ‘neurodiversity’ movement, which advocates for the rights of neurodivergent people, is that ‘different’ does not equate to lesser than.
DCA CEO Lisa Annese spoke with Chris Varney, founder and CEO of the I CAN Network – an organisation that empowers people on the Autism spectrum – to better understand neurodiversity and get his unique perspectives as a leader with autism successfully employing 38 employees with autism.

The future of work is now   13 August 2020

What will our society and organisations look like post-COVID-19? As we heard at our recent Diversity Leadership webinar, the future of work is here now, and we must consciously choose the best of the pandemic experience in order to embed more inclusive and productive workplaces for all.   

A mental health pandemic   7 August 2020

It seems that just as we began to explore what our new normal post-COVID world might look like, a second wave of the pandemic in Victoria and sporadic outbreaks in other states have considerably derailed our plans for the welcome recovery phase. 

Are all your customers treated equally?   23 July 2020

Savvy organisations already reap the gains of leveraging the multitude of benefits and opportunities that diverse and inclusive workplaces can generate.  Although the terms ‘customer diversity’ or ‘customer inclusion’ are no longer new, for many organisations they represent unchartered territory and therefore untapped potential.

Owning our past to create a more equitable future 14 July 2020

The momentum generated by the US Black Lives Matter movement has seen Australian organisations question their own systemic inequalities. However, many feel they lack the capability to channel this energy into achieving real change respectfully, inclusively and confidently. 

Choosing the right path: The risks and opportunities for an inclusive recovery 3 July 2020

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has provided a disrupter to the status-quo. When we look back on this period in history, will we lament missed opportunities for positive and sustainable change? As we learnt in this week’s Diversity Leadership Program webinar, the pandemic and accompanying recession is disproportionately affecting some groups in our community and this is a cause for real concern.

COVID-19 Conversations - Planning for uncertain times 25 June 2020

In two new COVID Conversations, DCA CEO Lisa Annese speaks with Rachel Nicholls, Board member of engineering and design consultant Arup Australasia, and John Price, a Commissioner for corporate regulator Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), to discover how their organisations are going about the business of recovery and mapping the road ahead.

Capturing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences in the workplace 16 June 2020

DCA, along with the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research at UTS, recently launched a nationwide survey to find out the truths about Indigenous Australians’ employment experiences in Australia. 

Happy Flexible Working Day - Let's make flexible working the new normal 10 June 2020

Research released today from the DCA-Suncorp Inclusion@Work Index has shown flexible work fuels performance and improves employee wellbeing and will be critical in ensuring an inclusive recovery post-COVID-19.

COVID-19 Conversations - Domestic and Family Violence and Lockdown 4 June 2020

One tragic consequence of the COVID-19 lockdown has been an increase in incidences of domestic and family violence (DFV) in Australia. In this week’s COVID Conversation, Natasha Stott Despoja, founding Chair of Our Watch, the national foundation to prevent violence against women and their children, and DCA CEO Lisa Annese, examine the scourge of DFV in our society, and how organisations can make a difference. 

Commemorating National Reconciliation Week a little differently this year 28 May 2020

Ahead of NRW2020, DCA asked Karen Mundine Reconciliation Australia CEO, and Kate Russell, Director-Projects, Department of Regional NSW and DCA Board member, for their views on progress so far, and what still needs to be done to see a truly reconciled, equitable and just Australia. 

COVID-19 Conversations - revealing insights from a leading practice employer 21 May 2020

In the second of our ‘COVID Conversations’ with DCA members, Clare Harding, Chief Transformation Officer at Deloitte Australia explains how prior investment in planning for the virtual office has paid off, equipping them to scale up as the crisis unfolded.

Introducing DCA's new Flex 101 eLearning Program 13 May 2020

As Australia’s flexible working experts, DCA is excited to launch our Flex 101 eLearning program: the first in our upcoming series of online workplace learning and development resources. 

Have your say on counting culture in Australian workplaces 8 May 2020

DCA and the University of Sydney, with project sponsors City of Sydney and ASIC, invite you to share your views on the most inclusive and informative way for Australian organisations to measure and report on cultural diversity in their workforce and leadership teams.

COVID Conversations: Business leaders open up 27 April 2020

In the first of our series of ‘COVID Conversations’ with DCA members, Russell James, Head of Indigenous Affairs at Coles, shares his insights on how this iconic Australian retailer is adapting to the radically altered COVID-19 work environment.

Online Knowledge Programs are here! 6 April 2020

Our range of cutting-edge diversity and inclusion knowledge workshops can now be accessed online!

Understanding the experiences of culturally diverse LGBTQ talent 17 March 2020

DCA and Pride in Diversity have today released a joint report into the workplace inclusion experiences of culturally diverse LGBTQ workers.

Coronavirus and flexible working in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak 11 March 2020

Organisations are looking at how they can best respond to ensure business continuity as well as the safety of their staff and clients.

IWD 2020: Do we still really need workplace gender equality? 2 March 2020

This International Women’s Day, Diversity Council Australia (DCA) is challenging the idea that workplaces no longer need to address gender equality.

DCA launches a new online destination for workplace diversity and inclusion 19 February 2020

DCA is excited to be launching Australia’s first online platform collaborating with a variety of service providers in the diversity and inclusion (D&I) space. The new Inclusion Directory Network is the only comprehensive directory of D&I service providers in Australia.

Message from Lisa Annese, DCA CEO - Proposed religious discrimination bills still need more work 5 February 2020

DCA strongly supports individuals being protected from discrimination and harassment because of their religious belief and we proactively support our members in creating workplaces where religious belief is afforded the same dignity and respect as other attributes of a person’s identity. However, we cannot support the Australian Government’s draft religious discrimination bills in its current form because of the risk to Australian businesses fostering inclusive cultures. 

Congratulations to Inclusive Employers 2019-2020 20 January 2020

2020 promises to be a busy year as DCA delivers a full program of fresh research, events and resources on diversity and inclusion. Many of our members are already working hard to create diverse and inclusive workplaces and we are delighted that a select number are eligible to be named an Inclusive Employer 2019-2020.

2019: The year that was 17 December 2019

2019 has been an incredible year for DCA. With membership now above the 600 organisations mark, we wanted to share with you what we’ve achieved – both for and with the community that we’re proud to call our members.

Religion and faith in Australia 9 December 2019 

What’s it like to be a believer in a society where nearly 30 per cent of Australians have no religious affiliation? And where those who do are often fair game for critique and debate? In this last episode of The Art of Inclusion our storytellers – activist and DCA Director Mariam Veiszadeh, and lawyer Daniel Wakim – talk about their respective faiths, Islam and Christianity.

Latest Inclusion@Work Index Report 5 December 2019

The 2019-2020 Inclusion@Work Index surveyed a nationally representative sample of 3,000 Australian workers and clearly identifies the benefits of inclusion, and the need for Australian companies to put words into action and invest in creating inclusive places to work.

Supporting the Uluru Statement 25 November 2019

DCA has officially announced its support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart campaign to secure constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This coincides with the release of a podcast episode featuring Ann Sherry, Chairman of Carnival, and Thomas Mayor, a leading voice for recognition.

Shared care and the parental leave revolution 18 November 2019

Shared care models are being rolled out in some of Australia’s top companies, flipping the script that men are the breadwinners and women are the caregivers. In the latest episode of The Art of Inclusion, we see what best practice looks like from both the employer’s and the employee’s perspective.

Neurodiversity and the workplace 11 November 2019

Everybody’s brains are wired differently, and there exists no real “normal”. The idea of different, not less, is at the core of the neurodiversity movement. That’s the narrative at the heart of the fourth instalment of The Art of Inclusion podcast.

Dealing with death & illness 4 November 2019

We all grieve differently. Some people are very public about their experience of loss and actively seek out the support of family, friends and colleagues. While others are much more private. It’s about providing a space for both options. Hear from the experts on the cost of not tackling a subject that affects everyone at some point in their working lives.

Backlash is good for diversity and inclusion 30 October 2019

The 2018 DCA Annual Diversity Debate recognised that a degree of resistance to change would is inevitable. Victory went to affirmative team arguing we need not fear backlash, but rather embrace it as a tool to help change hearts and minds.

Domestic violence through an LGBTIQ+ lens 21 October 2019

How does intimate partner violence play out in same-sex and LGBTIQ+ relationships? What differences are there, and more importantly, how can Australia’s employers put safety strategies in place that address domestic violence for LGBTIQ+ employees, and indeed their wider workforce? Learn more in The Art of Inclusion Season 2 Episode 2.

Sorry Business 14 October 2019

Further understanding of Sorry Business is urgently needed in Australian workplaces. Insight and understanding of the cultural protocols that exist for death when it takes place in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities could help employers support their Indigenous employees as they go through one of their communities’ greatest challenges.