Census is a missed opportunity for inclusion

DCA CEO, Lisa Annese, has expressed disappointment about the omission of questions relating to sexual orientation, gender identity and variations of sex characteristics in this year’s Census.

“The Census is an incredibly important tool for providing information to support the planning, administration and policy development activities of governments, business and other users,” Ms Annese said.

“If we don’t capture appropriate information on diverse groups there will be program gaps, health inequities, and a failure to grasp the diversity of Australia.

“We know there is a gap in relation to information on Australian LGBTIQ+ communities.

“We also know from DCA’s research that people who identify as LGBTIQ+ experience higher rates of workplace harassment and discrimination than their colleagues.

“Without understanding who makes up those communities, people who are LGBTIQ+ and their families will miss out.

“This is a real missed opportunity. If we don’t collect data, we can’t create inclusive policies.”

Developing appropriately worded questions

“DCA has a lot of experience in developing diversity surveys for our members, and we know the importance of understanding the mix of employees in an organisation to help Australian businesses make informed decisions.

“We provide information to our members about how to ask questions on diversity in an accurate and respectful way.

“For self-determination reasons, DCA supports the use of questions that have been developed by peak organisations in consultation with the community.”


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