Inclusive recruitment to unlock hidden talent

Australia’s got talent – Inclusive recruitment the key to unlock the potential of those overlooked and underleveraged

Australia is experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in almost 50 years. This, along with record-high employment, means that nearly a third of Australian organisations are saying they can’t find suitable staff to fill jobs.

At the same time, there are more than 3 million people in Australia looking for work, or who want more work.

New research out today from Diversity Council Australia (DCA) will help employers tackle this issue, by addressing outdated recruitment practices that are keeping willing workers left on the sidelines.

DCA’s Inclusive Recruitment report looks at who are the overlooked and underleveraged potential employees on the sidelines of Australia’s labour market, what is preventing these people from being recruited, and – critically – what can be done to open up recruitment opportunities.

The report sets out five Guiding Principles for inclusive recruitment, and also an evidence-based framework that summarises why so many people are being locked out of employment, and what Australian organisations can do to open up recruitment opportunities for this talent.

Quotes attributable to Lisa Annese, CEO, Diversity Council Australia

“Australia is facing a tight labour market. But Australia also has a wealth of talent, more than 3 million people looking for work, or who want more work.

“More often than not, these potential workers belong to marginalised groups. And not only are these workers being left off recruitment radars, they are experiencing bias and exclusion in the recruitment process itself – both covertly and overtly.

“Australian organisations need to diversify who and how they hire if they are to meet their workforce needs – tapping into pools of talent typically left off their recruitment radars.

“DCA’s Inclusive Recruitment report shows that with unemployment low, and the labour market tight there are significant opportunities to diversify our workforces by attracting a larger and different pool of candidates.

“In this research we find that many employers look at inclusive recruitment as treating everyone the same. The facts are that the best inclusive recruitment considers diversity and differences and treats people fairly.

“By opening up our recruitment practices and making them more accessible and inclusive, not only can we tap into the incredible talents of almost 3 million Australians, but we can also create a more equitable job market for all Australians.

Quotes attributable to Graeme Kelly, Interim CEO, Jobsbank

“Jobs change lives. And since the earliest days of the Social Procurement Framework, businesses have been calling for practical tools to unlock life-changing employment for Australian jobseekers,

“From construction to cleaning, and from hospitality to healthcare, this report highlights what Australian businesses can do to recruit and retain talented and diverse workforces, improving their inclusivity and their bottom lines along the way. Jobsbank is proud to present this report which provides employers the tools they need to make a difference in the lives of Australian jobseekers.”


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