These mindsets are the hallmarks of an inclusive leader


Inclusive leadership is popular in Australia’s business community, but it is often unclear what organisations mean when they talk about it. Find out in our blog.

Garma Speech: Statements on the Voice to Parliament

Position statements

Members of DCA’s External Advisory Panel share statements as Australia moves towards making the Voice to Parliament a reality.

Improving workforce disability and accessibility at Queensland Department of Education

Case Study

See how Queensland Department of Education implemented a suite of initiatives on workforce disability and accessibility to drive improved employment outcomes.

Australia’s gender pay gap is costing our economy billions, but the solutions are obvious

Opinion pieces

The fourth edition of the She's Price(d)less: The economics of the gender pay gap report from KPMG, Diversity Council Australia and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency estimates the national pay gap at $966m a week or $51.8b a year.

Supporting employees with long COVID to return to work


Rehab Management, a leading corporate health provider, has been working closely with its customers to research the ongoing impacts of long COVID, particularly from a return-to-work perspective. They outline some of the challenges employees face in returning to work.

Creating a nation-leading and inclusive parental leave policy at Smartgroup

Case Study

Smartgroup Corporation on how they constructed their nation-leading and inclusive parental leave policy.

Why Australia’s business community needs a standardised approach to measuring cultural diversity

Opinion pieces

Australian businesses have an opportunity to measure and report on cultural diversity more meaningfully to reflect the sentiment shared by ethnically diverse communities and better inform how governments, employers, and services represent and respond to people’s diverse needs.

NAIDOC 2022: Exactly how to Get up! Stand up! Show up!


We deconstruct the theme for NAIDOC 2022 into practical, actionable advice.

Why small-business owners should invest in mental health at work

Opinion pieces

Running a small business can be as rewarding as it is challenging, but there is something else we must consider when business is going well or needs some problem solving, and that’s how well business owners are taking care of mental health.

Why businesses are a refuge for asylum seekers and refugees


Why it is important to consider the role of the corporate sector in creating inclusive opportunities for welcoming and settling refugees.

Land of the ‘fair go’? It’s a myth that is lulling us from the impact of reality

Opinion pieces

The assumption that Australia is the land of the ‘fair go’, a classless society of equals, is deeply ingrained in our national psyche. Yet, class is something we rarely talk about.

How refugee inclusion allowed IKEA Australia to better serve their market, create a values-driven culture

Case Study

Deep dive into how refugee inclusion allowed IKEA Australia to better serve their market, lead on sustainability and create a values-driven culture.

National Reconciliation Week – what it means to me


To mark National Reconciliation Week, DCA’s Simone Empacher Earl shares what the week means to her as a member of the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community.

The new parliament must address paid parental leave

Opinion pieces

Australia’s paid parental leave policy no longer meets the diverse needs of many families. We call on the next parliament to move towards six months of gender-neutral paid parental leave to encourage shared care by both parents.

Walk the talk: The blueprint Australian business leaders need to tackle our mental health crisis

Opinion pieces

A new study by Diversity Council Australia shows mental health in Australian workplaces is a tale of two halves: senior executives are finding ways to cope with mental health challenges, while their fellow employees in entry level and non-managerial positions are finding it harder.

Mythbusting Accessibility


Dr Manisha Amin, CEO of Centre for Inclusive Design, gets us thinking about how we can make the world more accessible.

Election 2022: Where do the major parties stand on D&I


Each Federal Election, Diversity Council Australia writes to both major parties to ask them to respond to a series of questions, based on DCA’s research, about where they stand on key issues of diversity and inclusion affecting Australian workplaces.

Perspectives on Mother’s Day


Marking Mother’s Day from diverse perspectives

Flexibility a powerful tool for employers facing office return reluctance

Opinion pieces

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are looking for more meaningful work or a better life balance – and savvy employers can reap the benefits of a flexible approach.