Multicultural Framework Review – Terms of Reference (Draft)


DCA has made a submission on the Draft Terms of Reference for the Multicultural Framework Review.

DCA's Submission to ALRC Religious Educational Institutions and Anti-Discrimination Laws Inquiry

ALRC report cover images

DCA has made a submission in response to the Australian Law Reform Commission’s Religious Educational Institutions and Anti-Discrimination Laws Inquiry.

Settlement Services International: promoting gender and sexual diversity inclusion with employees and clients

Case Study

How SSI approached the nuanced differences that can arise with an intersectional approach to Diversity and Inclusion. 

Celebrating International Day for People of African Descent: It’s a matter of non-tokenistic inclusion

International Day for People of African Descent

August 31st is International Day for People of African Descent (IDPOAD). Read on to find out more, and how to observe the day.

Why Australia’s business community needs a standardised approach to measuring cultural diversity

Opinion pieces

Australian businesses have an opportunity to measure and report on cultural diversity more meaningfully to reflect the sentiment shared by ethnically diverse communities and better inform how governments, employers, and services represent and respond to people’s diverse needs.

Why businesses are a refuge for asylum seekers and refugees


Why it is important to consider the role of the corporate sector in creating inclusive opportunities for welcoming and settling refugees.

How refugee inclusion allowed IKEA Australia to better serve their market, create a values-driven culture

Case Study

Deep dive into how refugee inclusion allowed IKEA Australia to better serve their market, lead on sustainability and create a values-driven culture.

We need to talk about racism at work

Opinion pieces

In not naming racism, particularly at work, many Australians continue to endure it from organisations and individuals in their daily working lives.

Perspectives on Multilingualism

Speech bubbles

A look at the linguistic diversity within Australia and finding ways to celebrate its richness.

Caste: A challenge for equality, diversity, and inclusion


With caste-based discrimination becoming more apparent in organisations, employers should be concerned and aware. Read more ...

Herbert Smith Freehills taking action to improve ethnic diversity across the firm

Herbert Smith Freehills
Case Study

In the wake of the tragic killing of George Floyd in May 2020, Herbert Smith Freehills’ CEO and the broader leadership team began a deeper conversation with their people about improving ethnic diversity across the firm.

Workplaces – a key chapter in improving the stories of Australian Muslims

Opinion pieces

Workplace-driven solutions are key to improving the stories of Australian Muslims.

NAB’s African Australian Employment Program

Case Study

NAB’s African Australian Inclusion Program provides six months of work experience, to help people find meaningful employment.

Call me by my name | COVID -19

Poster with the words: Be kind

As coronavirus panic sparks increased racism DCA CEO Lisa Annese reminds us of the unity, kindness, and respect needed to endure this human crisis.

Submission: Religious Discrimination Legislation - Second Exposure Draft 2020


DCA strongly supports individuals being protected from discrimination and harassment because of their religious belief and we proactively support our members in creating workplaces where religious belief is afforded the same dignity and respect as other attributes of a person’s identity.

In good faith

The Art of Inclusion: In good faith- Religion in modern Australia

As debates about religious expression continue, what’s it like to be a person of faith in modern Australia? We ask lawyer Daniel Wakim and DCA’s own Mariam Veiszadeh in our podcast.

We need to develop a more nuanced understanding of cultural diversity

Opinion pieces

Cultural diversity is more than just how a census data point defines you, and it’s more than just your race or ethnicity – it is also about the way someone else defines you, and how you identify, with all the complexity that entails.

Submission in response to the Exposure draft Religious Freedom Bills


While DCA strongly supports protections against discrimination on the basis of faith, this submission argues that proposed new laws would be problematic for business.

Religious inclusion: why it’s important and how to get it


DCA CEO Lisa Annese reflects on our multi-faith guidelines

Israel Folau: why words matter

decorative image

The ongoing Israel Folau debate shows how powerful language is, especially at work.