World Pride and Mardi Gras - What's it mean to members of the DCA team?

Sydney World Pride logo 2023

World Pride is underway. We asked LGBTIQ+ people and allies here in the DCA team what World Pride means to them. Here’s a snapshot of the diverse experiences and thoughts about World Pride and Mardi Gras from some members of the DCA team.

Settlement Services International: promoting gender and sexual diversity inclusion with employees and clients

Case Study

How SSI approached the nuanced differences that can arise with an intersectional approach to Diversity and Inclusion. 

Wear it Purple Day 2021: Start the conversation, keep it going!


Glen Hare talks about what Wear it Purple 2021 means to him

Non-binary, trans and gender diverse employees - what you need to know | Tara Somerville


DCA Member Relations Admin Coordinator Tara Somerville shares what it means to get it right – and wrong – with trans and non-binary employees.

Submission: Religious Discrimination Legislation - Second Exposure Draft 2020


DCA strongly supports individuals being protected from discrimination and harassment because of their religious belief and we proactively support our members in creating workplaces where religious belief is afforded the same dignity and respect as other attributes of a person’s identity.

DCA submission on the Census


DCA submission urges that questions about sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status be asked in the 2021 Census

When Love Hurts

The Art of Inclusion. Episode 2: When Love Hurts - Domestic Violence through an LGBTIQ+ Lens

Our latest podcast episode explores domestic violence through the lens of LGBTIQ+ relationships.

Wear it Purple Day: One executive shares their experience of transitioning at work


For Wear it Purple, a revisit of our podcast episode, Out in the open: a transgender executive on the business of transitioning.

Israel Folau: why words matter

decorative image

The ongoing Israel Folau debate shows how powerful language is, especially at work.

Lessons for workplace inclusion from the marriage equality debate

DCA Team members November 2017 holding a rainbow flag

Some lessons for workplace inclusion from the marriage equality debate.

Ensuring LGBTIQ inclusion initiatives reach regional and remote workforces


Mark Latchford from Pride in Diversity explains why we need to ensuring LGBTI inclusion initiatives reach regional and remote workforces,

Out in the open: a transgender executive on the business of transitioning

Multicoloured painting featuring part of a rainbow

Aram Hosie has navigated life – and the workplace – as a man and a woman. He shares his unique perspective - and busts a few myths along the way.

Why workplaces should care about LGBTIQ+ inclusion

Out at Work report cover image
Opinion pieces

While workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives are well advanced in some areas, the progress of LGBTIQ+ inclusion hasn’t been quite as linear, says DCA CEO Lisa Annese, in an opinion piece with The Fifth Estate.

Video: Stephen Barrow busts 'controversial' diversity and inclusion myths


DCA board member Stephen Barrow busts 'controversial' diversity and inclusion myths.

Happy Mardi Gras 2018


On the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Mardi Gras, more and more organisations are participating to make it the biggest parade yet. But how safe is it for Australians to be out at work? DCA's Policy & Research Manager Cathy Brown asks this question and more in a new blog.

Key issues that will define 2018


This agenda for change agents outlines the key issues that will define 2018

Marriage equality

Position statements

DCA supports marriage equality because we believe it will truly cement workplace fairness and inclusion for the LGBTIQ+ community.

How the ‘yes’ vote will impact workers and HR


DCA's Cathy Brown joined forces with RMIT's Raymond Trau for this insightful look at what impact the conclusive YES outcome from the Marriage Law Postal Survey will have on workplace inclusion.

Will Australia recover from the marriage equality plebiscite?

Chris Lamb photo

Chris Lamb, Group Head of Talent & Organisational Development at Lendlease Australia and DCA director fears the wounds caused by the plebiscite on same sex marriage will take a long time to heal.

If you don't believe in marriage equality, it's time to change your stripes

Photo of Lisa Annese, DCA's CEO
Opinion pieces

As a citizen, a parent, an ally, and someone who leads an organisation committed to inclusion, here's why I am voting YES to marriage equality.