Talking heads: two CEOs on leading and managing mental health

Pile of small yellow toy heads

Two CEOs get real about being human and not just high performing machines.

Out in the open: a transgender executive on the business of transitioning

Multicoloured painting featuring part of a rainbow

Aram Hosie has navigated life – and the workplace – as a man and a woman. He shares his unique perspective - and busts a few myths along the way.

Beds still burning: why a proud future means waking up to the past

Photo of part of the Uluru statement

DCA Director Chris Lamb on why a proud future means facing the past.

Fair Gone: flipping the script on African gangs, race and multiculturalism


Nyadol Nyuon, a South Sudanese-born lawyer and activist, is familiar with the media’s ‘African gangs’ narrative. But her only brush with the law has been gaining a legal degree! In this episode, she shares her incredible story.

The facts on Victorian African Crime

Position statements

Much has been made in the media lately of Australia being in the grip of an ‘African youth crime wave’. But is this really the case?

Why workplaces should care about LGBTIQ+ inclusion

Out at Work report cover image
Opinion pieces

While workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives are well advanced in some areas, the progress of LGBTIQ+ inclusion hasn’t been quite as linear, says DCA CEO Lisa Annese, in an opinion piece with The Fifth Estate.

DCA utterly condemns Senator Fraser Anning’s comments

Position statements

DCA utterly condemns Senator Fraser Anning’s divisive and inaccurate comments about Muslim Australians, social cohesion and our immigration program.

The Art of Inclusion: Podcast Preview

Series of modern art head profiles with the words The Art of Inclusion

Listen to a snapshot of the upcoming podcast series.

Airport lounges as a metaphor for diversity and leadership ...


Lisa Annese reflects on how airport lounges reflect the lack of diversity in leadership in Australia.

Working in a #MeToo world: hopes for the national inquiry into workplace sexual harassment

Woman in business suit holding a megaphone and a sign over her face with #METOO on it
Opinion pieces

Lisa Annese, CEO of Diversity Council Australia, weighs in on the national inquiry into workplace harassment, and what this means for businesses operationing in a #MeToo world

Age as an asset. Are we doing right by older workers?


Justine Irving, a leading age researcher in Australia, asks: Are we doing right by older workers?

Refugee talent: something to think about the next time you hire


In Australia, 30 per cent of our refugee intake comes from highly-skilled professions and trades. Yet many of them fail to get their training and certification recognised ...

Flexible work - for when life throws curve balls

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DCA's Tracy Hocking pens a heartfelt personal reflection on the unexpected benefit of flexible work.

Video: why men are missing the opportunities of gender equality


DCA Board Member Tim Fawcett talks about the opportunity gender equality offers men.

Lest we forget: Q + A with Soldier On

John Bale photo

Veteran John Bale founded Solider On in 2012 to support services for returning service people and their families, including career assistance and employment opportunities.

Audio: An Indigenous perspective

Tanya Denning-Orman photo

Tanya Denning-Orman, Station Manager of SBS’s National Indigenous Television, reflects on constitutional recognition, and the failings of Closing the Gap targets.

The final word on words at work


A response to the recent media response to our WordsAtWork material, which has been disheartening – and inaccurate.

Engaging men on International Women’s Day: lessons from Sweden


This International Women’s Day – as DCA calls on organisations to step up their inclusion programs and encourage men to help make gender equality a reality – we share 3 lessons from Sweden.

Video: Stephen Barrow busts 'controversial' diversity and inclusion myths


DCA board member Stephen Barrow busts 'controversial' diversity and inclusion myths.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Inquiry

Business person holding a sign over their face with the word STOP on it.  In the other hand the person is holding a megaphone. Text adjacent to the megaphone reads Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces.

DCA's submission, on behalf of our members, to the AHRC’s National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces focused on what leading organisations are doing to prevent and respond to workplace sexual harassment and the resources needed to make workplaces safer.