Sorry Business

The Art of Inclusion. Episode 1: Sorry Business: Death in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities

With higher death, suicide and infant mortality rates than their non-Indigenous counterparts, death is a constant companion for Indigenous Australians.

In this episode of The Art of Inclusion we explore 'Sorry Business' - the cultural protocols for death in Indigenous communities – and how workplaces can better understand and support this practice. 

Mundanara Bayles of The Black Card is both storyteller and expert.

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Produced and written by: Andrea Maltman Rivera and Sam Loy. Researched and hosted by: Andrew Maxwell. Executive produced by: Lisa Annese.

Some things to follow up on

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Closing the work gap in corporate Australia

Engaging Aboriginal Australians

Future-Flex: mainstreaming flexibility by design

Counting Culture

Inclusive leadership

The Black Card

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