Sorry Business

The Art of Inclusion. Episode 1: Sorry Business: Death in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities

With higher death, suicide and infant mortality rates than their non-Indigenous counterparts, death is a constant companion for Indigenous Australians.

In this episode of The Art of Inclusion we explore 'Sorry Business' - the cultural protocols for death in Indigenous communities – and how workplaces can better understand and support this practice. 

Mundanara Bayles of The Black Card is both storyteller and expert.

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Produced and written by: Andrea Rivera and Sam Loy. Researched and hosted by: Andrew Maxwell. Executive produced by: Lisa Annese.

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Closing the work gap in corporate Australia

Engaging Aboriginal Australians

Future-Flex: mainstreaming flexibility by design

Counting Culture

Inclusive leadership

The Black Card

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Shocking results about life expectancy as well as suicide rates. I have lived in this country now for 45 years (originally from the USA) and would like to know what, if anything, has been done to address this problem? To hear a Mum passed at 45 years old is ever so sad as I just lost my Mum at 92 which means my Mum lived twice as long. I now understand the warning re images of the deceased as that person is passing from one life to another. We do not have this in my culture as we show photos or even videos of the deceased person. Very interesting, easy to understand podcast.
Posted by: Georgia Rosemond on
Thank you Georgia for your feedback and listening in to our podcast. Here are further resources for more information on this topic: Life expectancy and suicide rates within community: Wiyi Yani U Thangani Report (2020) - Closing the Gap report (2021) -
Posted by: AndreaMR on

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