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Australia's Got Talent - and there's a much better way to find it! 

DCA’s Inclusive Recruitment project is a response to the uncommon times Australia finds itself in: 

  • 31% of Australian organisations say they can't find workers to fill jobs
  • 3,000,000 Australians are looking for work or want more work

These people are capable, talented, and willing but overlooked by employers. They are most likely to be from marginalised groups, sometimes multiple marginalised groups.  

In this context, Australian organisations need to diversify who and how they hire if they are to meet their workforce needs – tapping into pools of talent typically left off their recruitment radars.  

That’s where Inclusive Recruitment can make a real difference.

Say Hi to Inclusive Recruitment - A great tool for employers, changing the way you do recruitment and making a  positive difference to more workers and workplaces along the way. DCA defines inclusive recruitment as hiring practices that: Value Diversity, Are Free From Bias and enable a diversity of  talent to be sourced,  assessed, selected,  and appointed

DCA partnered with sponsor, Jobsbank, to create evidence-based Inclusive Recruitment guidelines to:

  • encourage organisations to diversify who and how they hire, and  
  • assist organisations effectively attract, recruit and select a diverse talent pool of workers, including in particular workers who are underemployed, unemployed, and/or discouraged job seekers. 
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Based on insights gained from our research, including hearing from more than 500 job seekers, we have crafted an organisational framework for action which explains: 

  • what is happening to ‘lock out’ a diversity of talent from being recruited into Australian organisations, and  
  • what organisations can do to open up recruitment opportunities for this talent, such as designing interviews to be inclusive, being proactive about adjustments or educating hiring staff about bias. 

By providing employers with evidence, numerous examples and practical strategies that can be used at various stages of the recruitment process, DCA and Jobs Bank are hopeful that a positive difference can be made for not only organisations but in the lives of Australian’s who are seeking work.  

Thank you to the many generous people who contributed to this report. Your insights have ensured that this report is a valuable and relevant resource.  

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Quotes from DCA CEO Lisa Annese  

“By opening up our recruitment practices and making them more accessible and inclusive, not only can we tap into the incredible talents of almost 3 million Australians, but we can also create a more equitable job market for all Australians.”  

“The best way to be equitable and inclusive is to treat people fairly – and sometimes that requires treating some people differently to others”.  

Quotes from Jobsbank Interim CEO Graeme Kelly  

“A unique nexus of political, environmental, and social factors has created unprecedented opportunity for change within our workplaces; this first-of-its kind research into inclusive employment aims to help businesses harness the power of Australia’s overlooked talent.  

“The guidelines in this report offer practical, evidence-based solutions to employers who want to be part of a fairer and more inclusive Australian workforce.”

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