Flexibility Tools

DCA’s Future-Flex

Mainstreaming flexibility by design (Retail Guide)

These tools that can help organisations:

  • Explore what flexible options are possible in their work area and how these can be introduced
  • Assist employees who have specific needs to work flexibly
  • Improve organisational, team and individual performance and wellbeing through flexible working.

Mainstreaming flexibility by TEAM design

Additional resources that elaborate on the importance of the Future-Flex Mindset and how it enables TEAM redesign. These tools are designed for organisations across all sectors of the economy.

Myth Busting Flexibility

This DCA guide draws on research to debunk some of the more common myths and inaccurate assumptions about workplace flexibility.

Change at Work

A four-step evidence-based guide to embedding D&I organisational change that sticks. Change at Work should be used conjunction with implementing any major D&I program, such an flexibility.

Get Flexible! (2012)

The findings from this report showed that while many people have access to ‘basic’ flexible work options, meaningful flexible work and careers are not common practice in Australian workplaces, despite mainstreaming flexible work and careers being a business imperative, capable of:

  • Enabling businesses to be sustainable and adaptable to change;
  • Providing a pathway to gender equality;
  • Assisting with talent attraction and retention; and
  • Improving workplace productivity.

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