Beyond Diversity Towards Inclusion

Inclusion occurs when a diversity of people (e.g. of different ages, cultural backgrounds, genders) feel valued and respected, have access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute their perspectives and talents to improve their organisation.

Inclusion is associated with:

  • Value and Respect
  • Belonging and Connection
  • Participation and Contribution
  • Influence
  • Opportunity
  • Group Dynamics
  • Societal Dynamics

Creating an inclusive workplace is fundamental to maximising diversity and creating successful organisations in today’s complex global environment. DCA has developed a number of resources to help improve inclusive practice and thus lift productivity and innovation.

DCA Research

Inclusion@Work Index

Inclusion@Work Index 2017-2018 The State of Inclusion in the Australian Workforce

The DCA-Suncorp Inclusion@Work Index 2017-2018 is a landmark study, providing the first first-ever national benchmarks for Australian workplaces in regards to the age, cultural background, disability status, gender, Indigenous background, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity of workers.

WordsAtWork - Building inclusion through the power of language

Words at Work report image

DCA has developed a new Words At Work campaign for workplaces to show how inclusive language can improve workplace culture and drive productivity.

Building Inclusion - An Evidence-Based Model of Inclusive Leadership

Building inclusion report cover

DCA’s new study, Building Inclusion: An Evidence-Based Model of Inclusive Leadership sheds valuable light on the need for inclusive leadership and what it takes build more inclusive leaders.

Benchmarking Diversity and Inclusion Practices in Australia

Despite the well-known business benefits of D&I, many Australian organisations do not adequately resource their D&I function or put in place measureable goals or accountabilities for their D&I activities.

The Diversity & Inclusion Study

The study surveyed more than 100 diversity managers and human resources leaders in Australia and New Zealand to learn the profile of diversity functions within organisations and the professionals leading and implementing diversity strategy.

Other Research

Cloverpop: Hacking Diversity with Inclusive Decision Making (2017)

Diverse teams make better business decisions 87 percent of the time

Teams outperform individual decision makers 66% of the time, and decision making improves as team diversity increases.


Inclusion@Work Index - video highlights

News articles

Highlights from the Inclusion@Work Index launch.

Landmark research reveals the state of inclusion in Australian workplaces

News articles

Ground-breaking research has thrown a spotlight on the importance of inclusion in Australia’s workplaces. The new DCA-Suncorp Inclusion@Work Index establishes the first national index of inclusion experiences of Australian workers.

DCA’s Debate finds a focus on identity does help diversity and inclusion in the workplace

News articles

The Diversity Council Australia and National Australia Bank Annual Diversity Debate held in Sydney on 24 October found a focus on identity does help diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace, with the audience voting in favour of the Affirmative team by 78% to 22%.


Key issues that will define 2018


This agenda for change agents outlines the key issues that will define 2018

Why people hate on diversity and inclusion (and how to get them not to)

Opinion pieces

Why wouldn’t someone subscribe to the great Australian maxim of a fair go for all?

Senate inquiry into citizenship law changes


DCA made a submission in July 2017 to the Senate's inquiry into the Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment (Strengthening the Requirements for Australian Citizenship and Other Measures) Bill, highlighting the potential impact proposed changes could have on Australian business .

Coming events

Hosted by Deloitte Australia
27 Aug 2018

DCA is launching new research and practical evidence-based recommendations for how Australian employers can create inclusive workplace environments where LGBTIQ+ people feel able to bring their whole selves to work.

Hosted by Deloitte Australia
Sponsored by Deloitte Australia
05 Sep 2018

DCA's Building Cultural Capability Network provides DCA members with an opportunity to further develop their learning and progress on building cultural capability and share their personal and organisational insights and challenges with peers across a variety of industries.

20 Nov 2018

DCA's Annual Diversity Debate once again promises to be the diversity event of the year as two teams tackle this critical issue from a number of perspectives.

Webcasts from past events

Sponsored by National Australia Bank
24 Oct 2017

Does a focus on identity help or hinder diversity and inclusion in the workplace? Moderated by Tony Jones, one of ABC's most respected journalists, our Annual Diversity Debate once again promises to be the diversity event of the year as two teams tackle this critical issue from a number of perspectives.

Sponsored by HSBC Australia
20 Sep 2017

The idea that our thinking is shaped by our culture, background, experiences, and personalities is core to the concept of diverse thought and at our next Diversity Leadership Program event, we will take a critical look at diversity of thought.