Effectively engaging bystanders on sexism and sexual harassment at Aurecon

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With sexism and sexual harassment identified as a key talent drain in their industry, engineering leader Aurecon embarked on a five-part social norms email campaign that used behavioural insights to encourage bystanders to join colleagues in tackling inappropriate behaviours. 

Using DCA’s Change at Work model – which is an evidence-based framework for doing D&I that works – we present a case study on how Aurecon's bystander campaign acted as a catalyst for framing sexism and harassment as a safety issue. One that everyone at Aurecon is now aware of, respects, understands – and has the tools to deploy.  

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Everyone can listen to Aurecon employee, Jessica Dell, share her experience with us as part of our affiliated new Inclusion + Me series. These short videos demonstrate how effective D&I can have tangible benefits on employees' personal and professional lives.  

Hear how Aurecon's strategy improved Jessica's working life below. 

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