DCA's Anna McPhee Memorial Oration 2022

31 May 2022


After a two year break due to COVID, we are proud to have brought you this special in-person event in Melbourne that honours the contribution of the late Anna McPhee, DCA’s former Chair and a passionate advocate for diversity and equal opportunity.

This year’s Oration was delivered by Jess Hill, Walkley-award winning investigative journalist, author and winner of the 2020 Stella Prize for her book ‘See What You Made Me Do’ that was adapted into an SBS TV series.

Family and domestic abuse and violence is a national emergency: one in four Australian women has experienced abuse or violence from a man she was intimate with. But why does domestic abuse persist? Why do people become abusive? What can we do to prevent it? And what role can workplaces play in addressing the problem? Jess Hill explored the fine lines between love, abuse and power and the systems that enable perpetrators. 

Our emcee and DCA Chair Ming Long AM was then joined by Jess on stage with an impressive line-up of guest speakers, to further the conversation:

  • Sian Lewis, Group Executive Human Resources, Commonwealth Bank,
  • David Nugent, Psychotherapist – Men’s Behaviour Family Violence Specialist, Heavy M.E.T.A.L Group, and
  • Professor, Dr Marcia Langton AO, The University of Melbourne.

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