Truth-telling in the Workplace

As the Uluru Statement outlines, telling the truth about the historical experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples means acknowledging the wrongs of the past and understanding their ongoing impact and this is essential for healing and true reconciliation. In fact, our Gari Yala report, which means speak the truth in the Wiradjuri language, said that organisations must be prepared to interrogate and understand their own current truths when it comes to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees experiences at work.

Fiona Cornforth, CEO at The Healing Foundation discussed their Make Healing Happen report that outlines how to achieve real and lasting healing for Stolen Generations survivors, their families and communities. The Foundation is a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that provides an environment for Stolen Generations survivors and their families to speak for themselves, tell their own stories, and be in charge of their own healing. They also promote trauma-aware, healing-informed practice to help government, policymakers, and workforces understand their role in intergenerational healing.

Joshua Gilbert, Researcher (Indigenous Policy), Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education & Research and Co-Chair of Reconciliation NSW presented on how businesses can use the data from our Gari Yala report to break the cycle of systemic racism and the broader issue of workplace problems impacting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today.

Following this, our guest panel shared their insights on truth-telling and the workplace, drawing on their expert knowledge and experiences of harassment and/or discrimination at work:

  • Sharon Davis, Acting Executive Director, Research and Education Group, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS),
  • Joshua Gilbert, Researcher (Indigenous Policy), Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education & Research and Co-Chair of Reconciliation NSW, and
  • Fiona Cornforth, CEO, The Healing Foundation.

Event feedback

  • ‘This one was of the best events I have attended on reconciliation. Very thought provoking and full of tangible actions aimed at reconciliation.’ Anon, event participant
  • ‘Fabulous event. I immediately began looking into the resources spoken about and will be excited to share these at my next team meeting.’ Anon, event participant
  • ‘This event was outstanding and I stand humbled by the authenticity, honesty and real-ness of each panelist. I am happy to be contacted if you would like specific examples to the why & what made this webinar an outstanding engagement piece.’ Anon, event participant
  • ‘Thank you for the generous knowledge and heart that was so evident in this webinar – I got a great deal from it.’ Anon, event participant
  • ‘It was a fantastic event, thank you so much for organising such a great panel of speakers!’ Anon, event participant

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