DCA's Case Study Conversation: ANZ’s Indigenous cultural awareness

16 Feb 2022


In the first of a series of Case Study Conversations, we will deep dive into ANZ’s approach to effectively building cultural awareness, why they went down this path, what was achieved and lessons learnt along the way.

ANZ recognised the need for company-wide structured training around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, history and the impacts of racism, in order to create a wider culture that supported Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees, customers, and the broader community.  

DCA Board Member Kate Russell will moderate a discussion with our guest speakers: 

  • Louise Ellis, Inclusion and Talent Manager, ANZ 
  • Fallon Wanganeen, Inclusion Program Manager, ANZ 


Event Reviews

  • 'The event was well structured, mediated and timed. I thoroughly enjoyed the opening from Norma and the panelists including the emcee were very well spoken and covered the topic very well.' - Anon, event participant
  • 'The event was hosted very well and the speakers gave some great insights.' - Anon, event participant
  • 'The Welcome to Country from Aunty Norma was so inspiring and energising. It was an honour to hear from her!' - Anon, event participant




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