08 Dec 2022

Following International Day of People with Disability, DCA’s final Diversity Leadership Program event for the year will investigate the role that inclusive job design can play in creating accessible and inclusive workplaces for all, and particularly for people with disability.

21 Nov 2022

There is clear evidence that a family friendly workplace culture positively impacts the quality of work-life for people and contributes to the wider health and wellbeing of our society and economy; increasing productivity and reducing stress, absenteeism and gender inequality.

15 Nov 2022

Is it time to move on from gender equality? This is the question we posed at this year's DCA & MAX Annual Diversity Debate.

02 Nov 2022

At our next Case Study Conversation, we will take a look at how IKEA Australia has implemented a Skills for Employment program for refugees and asylum seekers.

27 Oct 2022

Use of AI tools in recruitment is booming, from machine learning to sourcing job candidates to automating administration when onboarding new staff. As more and more Australian organisations are delegating recruitment tasks to AI, guidance is needed on what AI tools are available and what their diversity-related pros and cons are.

20 Oct 2022

DCA’s Inclusive Recruitment project is a response to the uncommon times Australia finds itself in – the lowest unemployment rate (3.5%) in almost 50 years, along with a record-high proportion of the population employed (64.4%). In this context, Australian organisations need to diversify who and how they hire if they are to meet their workforce needs.

13 Oct 2022

Our recent Mapping the State of Inclusion and Mental Health report highlighted that a proactive organisational approach is required to help make work a force for good mental health. This means not only supporting employees with mental ill health but also nurturing the wellbeing of all employees.

29 Sep 2022

As Australia embarks on a process towards constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, now more than ever it’s important for organisations to contribute to reconciliation and make positive connections with Indigenous Communities.

15 Sep 2022

DCA recently launched new findings on the role of workplace inclusion in ensuring that work has a positive impact on workers’ mental health and workplace mental health safety.

08 Sep 2022

To date there is very little research in Australia on workplace inclusion for culturally and racially marginalised people with disability. However, we know that race and ethnicity intersect with disability to amplify people's lived experiences of discrimination, and to lower workplace participation and inclusion.

16 Aug 2022

It happens to one in four pregnancies and can have a big impact on people’s lives. But miscarriage is rarely discussed openly.

26 Jul 2022

This Case Study Conversation deep dives into Aurecon’s approach to tackling workplace sexism and sexual harassment by encouraging bystander action.

21 Jul 2022

DCA recently launched new findings on the role of workplace inclusion in ensuring that work has a positive impact on workers’ mental health and workplace mental health safety.

13 Jul 2022

KPMG, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and DCA are delighted to invite you to a special event to launch the fourth in our important series of research reports on the gender pay gap.

28 Jun 2022

As we return to COVID-normal, are we in danger of creating a two-class system where those who return to face-to-face work leave behind those who continue to work virtually?

23 Jun 2022

At this Indigenous Network, we will examine what truth-telling in the workplace looks like.

22 Jun 2022

All key contacts from DCA member organisations are invited to DCA’s 2022 Annual General Meeting.

31 May 2022

After a two year break due to COVID, we are proud to have brought you this special in-person event in Melbourne that honours the contribution of the late Anna McPhee, DCA’s former Chair and a passionate advocate for diversity and equal opportunity.

19 May 2022

At this event we look at how workplace inclusion & exclusion can affect mental health.

03 May 2022

Many organisations are doing a lot to make their workplaces more inclusive for people with children. But how can workplaces be more inclusive of people who are childless not by choice (CNBC)?