Five things you can do to support the Voice!

As Australia prepares to vote on the upcoming Voice referendum, it’s now more important than ever to roll up our sleeves and show support for a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

Here are five simple ways to get involved:

1. Get educated

One of the best things allies can do is learn for themselves. Despite what misinformation campaigns would have you believe, all the information you need to know about the Voice to Parliament is readily available online. However, it’s important to make sure your information is coming from a trusted source.

To help guide you on your learning journey, we’ve gathered together a range of helpful resources at our Yes! Campaign Resource Hub.

Plus, if you missed DCA’s event Activate Your Voice to Support the Voice, you can check it out here.

2. Have a conversation     

Speaking to your friends and family about why you support this change is one of the most powerful ways we can support the campaign.

Yes23 has developed a fantastic guide to talking about the Voice to Parliament which you can access here

Remember, an effective conversation is informed, respectful and involves as much listening as talking.

3. Support your First Nations’ colleagues & friends

The lead up to the referendum might be particularly tough for First Nations people in your workplace.

Make sure your workplace has culturally appropriate supports in place and don’t rely on your First Nations’ colleagues to do the work of educating others about the Referendum. Recognise the impacts of cultural load and be respectful of their lived experiences. 

Check out this piece from Kate Russell on how allies can step up, and these guiding principals for creating workplaces that are culturally safe and inclusive for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people from DCA’s Gari Yala report

4. Get active in your local community 

Sign up as a volunteer or supporter and encourage others to sign up too. Head to this page to volunteer with Yes23 or become a host for the Together, Yes movement to support campaign efforts. 

If you’re unable to volunteer, you can join the many people across Australia coming together to support the Voice at local events. Find one near you here

5. Share your support on social media

Share your support virtually, by posting photos, videos and resources about the Voice on your social media channels.  

Use hashtags and update your profile pictures and email signatures using assets from Yes23 and the Uluru Dialogue to make your support visible.