Submission: Religious Discrimination Legislation – Second Exposure Draft 2020

DCA has made a further submission in response to the Australian Government’s second exposure drafts on religious discrimination.

DCA’s submission argues that we strongly support individuals being protected from discrimination and harassment because of their religious belief and we proactively support our members in creating workplaces where religious belief is afforded the same dignity and respect as other attributes of a person’s identity.

However, our submission reiterates our concern that this proposed legislation could stop Australian businesses fostering inclusive cultures, eroding any business benefit derived from inclusion.

Instead of introducing the draft exposure legislation, we have recommended that the Government continue consulting with relevant stakeholders on this issue.

A standard discrimination bill, designed along the same lines of existing Australian laws, could protect people of faith and without faith, without taking away existing protections or introducing complex and untested rules, that will be difficult for business to manage.

Download the DCA submission here