Availability, cost and access to childcare a major difficulty for Australian business

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Diversity Council Australia’s consultation with Australian business has found access to and availability of affordable childcare is causing major difficulties for Australian employers.

DCA debate finds flexible working is not the only key to gender equality

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Diversity Council Australia’s Annual Diversity Debate hosted by Westpac in Sydney last night found that flexible working is not the key to gender equality.

DCA’s Annual Diversity Debate to address flexible working and gender equality

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Diversity Council Australia’s Annual Diversity Debate will explore an important topic for business, government and the broader community: is flexible working the key to gender equality?

Research Matters, September 2013

Research Matters

Welcome to Research Matters for September 2013.

Workplace diversity progress hampered by lack of strategic engagement and resources

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Although the business sector has maintained a commitment to workplace diversity for many years, a new survey reveals many organisations are still at the foundation stage of their diversity programs and have a declining focus on diversity strategy.

Older Women Matter: Harnessing the Talents of Australia’s Older Female Workforce

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Diversity Council Australia (DCA) research released today found that older women (defined as 45 years plus) represent a sizeable and growing segment of the labour force but Australian organisations are failing to fully harness their skills and talents.

Undervalued, underemployed, discouraged and departed: the story of mature-age women in the workplace

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This International Women’s Day (Friday 8 March), Diversity Council Australia said more work is urgently needed to address the critical underutilisation of female mature-age talent.

Employers want input on gender equality reforms

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Leading employers support reforms to advance gender equality in Australian workplaces and want input in creating change, according to Diversity Council Australia.

Diversity amongst women

Diversity Matters

In this issue of Diversity Matters, we explore how diversity amongst women has been largely overlooked in Australian workplaces – with women being treated as one homogenous group – and why this is a key stumbling block to progress.

Unconscious bias

Diversity Matters

In this issue, we investigate unconscious bias, what it means and how it might manifest in the workplace for each of the key diversity dimensions.

Women's employment

Diversity Matters

In this issue we investigate the latest on women's employment, a topic that has reemerged as a particularly hot issue in Australia.