Masterclass on tackling workplace sexual harassment

Lisa Annese, DCA CEO  delivered a Masterclass on tackling workplace sexual harassment. She shared critical insights gained from her decades of experience advising business on workplace D&I issues, including:

  1. Why #IStandForRespect is so critical at this point in time
  2. The power of the current context, including March4Justice, #MeToo, men’s rights movement, and the Australian Human Rights Commissions Respect@Work Report
  3. What sexual harassment is and isn’t, including addressing myths and misconceptions
  4. What a leading practice organisational approach to sexual harassment looks like, integrating recommendations from the Respect@Work report
  5. What we can all do as individuals.

This special DCA event was MCed by DCA Member Engagement & Partnership Manager, Zach Ghirardello.

Following the Masterclass presentation, Zach joined Lisa Annese, and DCA Research Director, Dr Jane O’Leary, for a Q&A moderated by DCA Member Relations and Advisory Director, Mariam Veiszadeh.

Event Reviews

We need more Zach’s in this world.  It’s so great to hear from males in this space and his passion is amazing. Thank you.  Great topics discussed.’ –  Emily, event participant

This was my first DCA session and I’m blown away. The content was interesting and eye-opening, and the panelists were super engaging. Loved the way that the panelists bounced off one another and built on the previous point with their own views.  A great collection of panelists to deliver a really insightful and empowering session. I walked away wanting to implement change. Thank you all for your efforts.’ – Anon, event participant

I really enjoyed the session, I found the content fascinating, the presenters were so interesting. Thank you so much!‘ – Anon, event participant


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