Supporting Employees Through Bereavement

At this D&I Insights Program, we brought together experienced professionals in the field of bereavement support as well as fellow employers who have successfully implemented supportive measures for their employees dealing with bereavement to provide you with valuable insights on how to help your employees during this most challenging of times.

Key topics covered include:

  • Understanding the impact of bereavement on employees and the workplace,
  • Leading practice for communicating and offering support to bereaved employees,
  • Developing bereavement leave policies and flexible work arrangements,
  • Cross-cultural and intersectional considerations,
  • Mental health support and resources for employees coping with grief,  and
  • Building a supportive work culture.

Our guest speakers were:

  1. Jess Williams, Manager, Community Programs for CCNB and has held multiple leadership roles to improve dying and grief in Australia since 2015,
  2. Mundanara Bayles, Managing Director (Co-Founder) at BlackCard
  3. Helen Sheeran, an accredited mental health social worker, and
  4. Catherine McNair, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing at QBE Insurance.

Event Feedback:

  • Fantastic presenters, very engaging and relatable content, this will help me in my leadership with managing these situations.
  • I learnt much more than I ever thought to ask. Thank you for removing some of my blinders.
  • A good range of speaker expertise covering a breadth of topics around bereavement – very helpful and practical webinar, thank you.
  • The space was held beautifully by the facilitator. Thank you.

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