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Today’s workforce is comprised of people from numerous cultural, ethnic, religious, and national backgrounds and identities. Increasingly, organisations are recognising the value of cultural diversity, cultural capability, and global workforce experience.

Organisations that are culturally diverse and inclusive can broaden their strategic perspective, identify and enter new local and global markets, innovate, achieve business goals in culturally diverse business settings, and generate high performing multi-national and multicultural teams.

In this section you will find information about key definitions and the state of play for cultural diversity in Australia, the business case for cultural diversity and inclusion, some leading practices for creating culturally diverse and inclusive workplaces, case studies, and additional resources and reading on cultural diversity.


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Latest Articles - Culture & Religion

Opinion pieces

Measuring Cultural Diversity

The census gives us an overview of Australia’s population, but it doesn’t tell us about the richness of who we are, how we identify and how others identify us.

Opinion pieces

We need to talk about racism at work

DCA’s Lisa Annese, Ming Long and Virginia Mapedzahama urge organisations and employees to use appropriate language when talking about discrimination in the workplace.


Perspectives on Multilingualism

DCA employees share perspectives on their own multilingualism and the benefits speaking multiple languages can bring to the workplace.